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  1. coudes

    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (PDF updated 17/01/09) Might as well. GOVT1105 - Geopolitics Ease - 7/10 The overarching concepts of the unit were pretty easy to understand. The essay topics were also straightforward - the first one was essentially describing various geopolitical theories. However...
  2. coudes

    2011 Chatter Thread

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2011) Tim Roxburgh's bone structure is augghhh. And Patrick Hurley looks like a GQMF, so yeah I'd do him as well.
  3. coudes

    2011 Chatter Thread

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2011) Has anyone ever fucked their tutors? Or attempted to know them outside of an educational context?
  4. coudes

    First day at uni

    I think there are different dates for everyone. I know some people who are getting theirs in the next week; I'm getting mine in two. Call them up and they'll tell you.
  5. coudes


    Set phasers to 'love me'! feouigehgew
  6. coudes

    Australian Open Thread

    Is that enthusiastic French guy commentating again?
  7. coudes

    Your Most Anticipated Movies in 2011

    A Dangerous Method, The Adventures of Tintin, 30 Minutes or Less
  8. coudes I'm looking for....

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  9. coudes

    USYD gym

    How does USYD's gym stack up in terms of price/general atmosphere/facilities/all the other shit you'd look for in a gym?
  10. coudes

    Do You Wear Glasses?

    I'm short sighted and I wear my glasses everyday. My vision isn't terrible, but having them on for the whole day is a lot more convenient. I wear contacts when I go out, though.
  11. coudes

    innocent or hot?

    +1 Most cute girls I know have the winning combination of decent looks and low self esteem.
  12. coudes

    Things that annoy you.

    Coconut flakes. It really is Satan's dandruff.
  13. coudes

    I know that lots of selective people roam these forums, so I can't blame them. However, I can be...

    I know that lots of selective people roam these forums, so I can't blame them. However, I can be jealous and resentful, heh. BFFs 4EVA GURL
  14. coudes

    "not as great as your school obviously." I lament.

    "not as great as your school obviously." I lament.
  15. coudes

    Favourite item of clothing

    You reek of dirty, dirty man and I can't openly admit that I do/would somehow like that, so sorry to disappoint m8
  16. coudes

    Your First Ever Crush - Where Are They Now?

    I think he recently went to juvie for armed robbery. His getaway drivers were my friend's neighbour and her drug addict mum. He's such a ~~bad boy.
  17. coudes

    Favourite item of clothing

    Apart from the hybrid polygamy chic/French pseudo intellectual look going on in the picture, I've had that Karen Walker dress for about 5 years now and I love it to bits. :shy:
  18. coudes

    YR 12 Jersey names...

    I couldn't think of a nickname so I didn't order one. 80% of the year 12 cohort's nicknames at my school boiled down to: -mention of ethnicity -alternating upper/lower case -random symbols...tildes, @s, et al Some chick got "~*~*~sErBiAn pRiNcEsS~*~*~". Yeah man, I'd love my high...
  19. coudes

    What drinks do you buy at the club/bar/pub?

    Jagerbombs if I'm feeling bitter, cause it's the shit repressed Christian housewives like. Or Red Bull and vodka. Also water, because I get drunk quite easily.
  20. coudes

    Careers Expo

    Apparently I'm going to the SMH one. Free day off school, why not? And I like free shit as well. I don't mind lying to get free shit, even if it is just a pen.