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  1. deswa1

    99.95 ATAR - STATE RANK 5th Phys, 12th Chem Dedicated Tutor

    Bump for Beryl :) I've known her for a while now and she is an incredibly friendly and helpful person. I'd really recommend her to anyone who is aiming for a very high B6/state rank because her knowledge of the intricacies of the HSC and understanding is second to none from everyone I've met.
  2. deswa1

    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    There's an official component for the first hour (so welcome from the Dean, associate Dean, president + chairperson of Business Society etc) then there's lunch for the second hour. There's heaps of free food and most of the directors from the business society will be there so come and say hi and...
  3. deswa1

    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    First day of O-Week. Get there ASAP- last year we sold out tickets in 2 hours... ^What Shadow said. You can get a friend to sign up if you have their complete details and also payment in full. Hmm depends on your financial situation- if money isn't really an issue, then come because it'll...
  4. deswa1

    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    Camp is Friday 7th March- Sunday 9th March (Just after first week). And no real secrets to comm, just try to understand it all and it shouldn't be too hard.
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    UNSW O Week 2014 chat thread

    Yes join Bsoc everyone!! And come to the stall and say hi and sign up for peer mentoring which is heaps of fun :)
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    2014 Main Round Cut-offs

    Tbh though I think its very misleading to compare the cut-offs for law because UNSW gives so many more bonus points than USyd, whether through AAA or EAP etc.
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    Official BOS Mathematics Seminar: "How to solve problems."

    Yes I'll have a look at your application :) I think I'll be coming to see people + brother is coming etc.
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    Cost of travelling to UNSW?

    MyBus 2. A lot of people get My Multi's though because that gives you train and buses as well- that's $27/week if you want a My Multi 2.
  9. deswa1

    Economics Q- Exchange rates

    Again, remember the distinction between short term and long term. I'll answer about imports given that's what the original question was about and then its just the reverse for exports. When the AUD goes down, imports become more expensive. Originally, if a car cost $100 USD (at AUD:USD=1:1)...
  10. deswa1

    Economics Q- Exchange rates

    The key phrase in that is in the short term. Considering that in the short term, imports are relatively inelastic, if the $AUD goes down, we have to pay more for any given resource, and hence import expenditure goes up. Let's say if Australia needed 100,000 tonnes of steel- if the AUD goes down...
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    Commerce/Law at USyd or UNSW?

    I'm not quite sure what relevance this answer has, or why the post was made today, given that UAC prefences have closed? Anyway, here are a few things to consider: General: - Whichever uni you go to, you will be there for the next five years. There's no point going somewhere that you'll hate...
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    Commerce/LAWS, Usyd or UNSW?

    This. Realistically at the end of the day, you're choosing between the two top law schools in Sydney and the differentiating factor when it comes to employment will be things like marks, extra-curricular, communication ability etc. I personally went to UNSW over USyd- I felt the environment...
  13. deswa1

    Share your 2013 HSC results here

    How did 22 people get 99+ in 4U (firstly how do you even know the number?). If so, the marks are becoming much higher-99 a few years ago would have been a very high state rank, if not first in state. I know in 2011, 98 was 3rd in state.
  14. deswa1

    Tutor or Non-tutor

    This is all a matter of personal preference. Don't get a tutor because its 'the thing'. I never got tutoring and I achieved quite a bit over 95 so its possible. I found self study to be very effective but some people learn much better with tutoring- I know personally when I tutor people now...
  15. deswa1

    Release of Semester1 2013 Results

    Thanks :). I like commerce a lot, I think that makes it easier. Congrats! D average :)
  16. deswa1

    how much did you study before the hsc??....

    Hahaha. I recommend this. Its so much faster and you don't waste time doing easy questions and can focus more on understanding marking schemes and answers etc
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    how much did you study before the hsc??....

    Before trials in these holidays, 5-6 hours a day. Before actual HSC, probs a little less- say around 4-5 because you've already done it all before and I got more ceebs etc which is bad. General tips: - Try not to stress too much, it can't change your mark - Be productive. Don't fb and study...
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    Release of Semester1 2013 Results

    T1 ACCT1501 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A....92 HD T1 ECON1101 Microeconomics 1.................93 HD T1 ECON1203 Business & Economic Statistics...97 HD T1 LAWS1052 Introducing Law & Justice...........LE Very happy :) Though law won't be anywhere near that high. Hope everyone is happy with theirs
  19. deswa1

    Release of Semester1 2013 Results

    My law results are delayed :/ Commerce ones should be out soon though. Congrats guys and good luck to people still waiting!
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    ** CRASH COURSES for Year 12 Trials in the July Holidays ** 99.95 and 99.65 ATARs

    I work with both Andy and Ally and I know first hand that they can deliver the goods- They have the marks obviously but more importantly they can express themselves and communicate concepts, something far more important than a good mark. Good luck!