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  1. deswa1

    Help! Hard magic square?

    Hey guys- Ok someone sent me this question and I'm stumped. Apparently the answer is 18 but not 100% sure. Either way, if anyone could give me a reason why the answer is 18 (or any of the other options), that would be amazing. Cheers =) Question: What is the most likely number needed to...
  2. deswa1

    Information needed to accept offer/enrol

    Hey guys, I'm not going to be in Sydney when offers are released so I'm going to get someone else to enrol for me. What information do I need to give them? So far I've got: - UAC number - UAC pin (not sure if needed?) - Tax File Number - Date of Birth - UNSW academic program code -...
  3. deswa1

    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    Want an extra edge in HSC Economics? Come along to our HSC Economics seminars run by the best students in the state. •Aidan, 99.90 ATAR, 98 in Economics 2011, 3rd in state in Economics •Lenny, 99.90 ATAR, 96 in Economics 2011 •George, 99.95 ATAR, 97 in Economics 2012 What you get: •A...
  4. deswa1

    deswa1's raw exam marks

    Hey guys =) I remember I found these threads heaps heapful when I was just starting year 12 because it helped me understand what marks to aim for so that's why I'm posting them and hopefully others post their marks too when they receive them: Economics- 93.5/100 -> 95/100 -> 95 exam mark (LOL-...
  5. deswa1

    Examination Responses

    Hey guys, I put an order in for my exam responses and raw marks and I was wondering if people that did phys, chem or eco would want to 'trade' their exam responses with me after we both get them. I am willing to pay if you want as well. The reason is for tutoring, I want to be able to...
  6. deswa1

    GET AHEAD- Holiday acceleration course

    Hey guys, I'm George and I graduated this year from a selective school with an ATAR of 99.95 :) Quite a few people (not from BOS) asked me to do a holiday acceleration course for their subs so I thought I’d also offer something similar here in case people are interested. What...
  7. deswa1

    Chem MC help

    Hey guys, I'm probs just being a retard but I don't know why I got this wrong: Sulfuric acid is diprotic and we assume full ionisation in the core I'm pretty sure so doesn't that mean the H+ concentrations and pH will be the same?
  8. deswa1

    Titration MC question

    Hey guys- Can someone please explain the working for this: I'll run...
  9. deswa1

    Chem MC help

    Hey guys Can someone please explain how to work this one out? Cheers :)
  10. deswa1

    Other text types

    Hey guys, Lets say we get asked to write in another text form (speech etc.)- obviously you write in a form suitable to that. How then do you convey your analysis? You'd hardly stand in front of an audience and reference recurring motifs etc. Thanks :)
  11. deswa1

    Belonging (Skrznecki) question

    Hey guys, In the rubric, its got something about the potential for an individual to enrich or challenge a community or group. Where is this evident in Immigrant Chronicles? Thanks :)
  12. deswa1

    Restrictions on domain

    Hey guys, For this question, obviously f(x) is undefined at x=-2 and when you work out the inverse function, it ends up being f(x)=2x/(1-x) which is undefined at x=1. So when you write the domain for part vi), is the domain all real x except x=1 or all real x except x=1,-2 as -2 isn't defined...
  13. deswa1

    Muck Up day

    Oh yeah, we moved our eco class outside but that wasn't the big stuff. We did all the classic things- condoms on doors, locking everything, glad wrap the school, heaps of cups with water in corridors, spam post it notes on teachers cars, as well as some innovations- bricking up the science...
  14. deswa1

    Binomial probability

    Hey guys, Can one of you help me with this binomial probability question (from Cambridge). I don't think you need to do the whole thing, I should be able to apply the method from i) to the other two parts. Thanks again :). The first part of the question was just to expand the identity I showed...
  15. deswa1

    CSSA 2012 Solutions

    Hey guys- does anyone have a copy of the solutions that they could send me for the MX2 trial? Mods: I know you can't ask for Catholic trials but I'm not sure over whether the solutions are allowed. Delete this if we're not meant to share those either.
  16. deswa1

    Binomial identities

    Hey guys Can one of you help with this question: <a href="\textup{If }(1@plus;x)^n=c_{0}@plus;c_{1}x@plus;c_{2}x^2@plus;...@plus;c_{n}x^n\textup{, show that}\\...
  17. deswa1

    Perms and combs (final set...)

    Hey guys, This is the final set of questions that I couldn't do. Thanks so much: a) The six faces of a number of identical cubes are painted in six distinct colours. How many different cubes can be formed? b) A poker hand of five cards is dealt from a standard pack of 52. Find the probability...
  18. deswa1

    Perms and combs

    Hey guys, Could anyone help solve this perms and combs question? - my answer is out by a factor of two and I don't know why: Nine players are to be divided into two teams of four and one umpire. a) In how many ways can the teams be formed? b) If two particular people cannot be on the same...
  19. deswa1

    Perms and combs question

    Hey guys, Can someone help me with this question (from Cambridge)? I might add some more questions later if I find more I can't do: - Bob is about to hang his 8 shirts in the wardrobe. He has 4 different styles of shirt, two identical ones of each particular style. How many different...
  20. deswa1

    Belonging (Skrznecki) essay question help

    Hey guys- this will be a giant of a post- sorry. I'm doing Skrzynecki for belonging, how would you approach the following questions? (I don't want to take too much time away from people though- they're in order of 'importance' so just do as many as you can be bothered/have time for -> don't...