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    Were there 2 volume of solid questions?

    One was for sec and the other was like 3/(x+2)^2 yea?
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    Does anyone know where i can find a copy of the exam?BOS people didn't let us take it

    Someone usually scans and uploads the papers on here, but i can't find one
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    Inverse Tan (1/x) + Inverse tan (x) = Pi/2 ?

    My textbook hasn't listed this one, (only has the one for inverse sin + inverse cos) but i'm pretty sure it's correct. Can anyone clarify?
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    If gaps in HSC exam marks exceed gaps i internal marks, can receive a higher overall?

    Sorry not enough space to type. Full Question: Person A is ranked below Person B. Person A receives a HSC exam result 10 marks higher than person B, Person B's internal mark is 9 higher than Person A. Who receives the higher overall mark?
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    How many marks will i lose for not including distribtuion of income/wealth in q28?

    I had it listed in my plan, but there was just so much to talk about..
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    So what do you think the 4 essay questions will be on?

    Environmental management Labour market Something from Topic 1 (maybe case study?) External stability IMO
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    Is this a good topic sentence? (Mod B Hamlet)

    The question is Hamlet is a landmark play offering contemporary audiences insight into universal themes. Write an essay that takes a unique stance on the above statement. For a paragraph on the theme of revenge: "Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' refines the axiomatic parameters of revenge by refining...
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    Can you get a b6 if the person ranked above you doesn't?

    There is this 1 guy who is 1 mark above me in maths. Can i still get a b6 if he doesn't?
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    How would you answer the Hamlet question from last year?

    FORTINBRAS Let four captains Bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage, For he was likely, had he been put on, To have proved most royal; and for his passage, The soldier’s music and the rite of war Speak loudly for him. Take up the bodies. Such a sight as this Becomes the field, but here...
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    The logic behind having rank orders and internal marks affect your hsc..

    The main claim is that it's split 50/50 between internals and the externals as some people tend to choke and can't withstand the pressure of final exams. But everyone still freaks out over the HSC, and they've already stressed enough over the past year about their rank order. So this results in...
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    Why is the time constriction on english exams so tight?

    In any of my other subjects, if you go through the exam at the normal pace, you will finish with at least 10 minutes remaining. In English, you have to write like a maniac and you're lucky if you have ANY time to spare. What's BOS aim in doing this? Honestly i think the fact that a lot of people...
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    Can anyone suggest some good notes in the resources section (LOST some of my notes)

    So i whenever i used my laptop in school, i would just set it to hibernate so it never had to boot up. I usually didn't save my files because of this (only saved when i was totally finish). I think when i lent my laptop to someone ages ago (before trials) they switched it off without saving, so...
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    How to prepare in the case of given specific texts to refer to?

    EG they ask you to refer to "10 mary street" and "St Patricks College" for Skrzynecki. I've written up tables with about 5 techniques (with quote and explanation) for each essay and memorised, will this suffice?
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    what are the 3 aspects of belonging?

    I have a general essay but i want to write a few general plans in case it doesn't perfectly fit
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    Should i memorise my paper 2 essays before or after paper 1?

    What are you guys planning to do?