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    New syllabus HSC physics for engineering

    I know there has been multiple threads on this topic, however the HSC physics syllabus has been changed in favour of practical work and for it to be more mathematical. I currently do not do HSC physics. I dropped it last year mainly because I disliked the way the teacher taught the content...
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    Hazard Perception Test

    So I need to do the hazard perception test for my red P's. I did all the practice tests on here: https://www.drivingtestnsw.com/hazard-perception-test-practice-tests/ and have gotten them all right and I have understood why they are right using the explanations they give. Is this enough???? Do I...
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    Difference between selective breeding and hybridisation

    As the title states, are they the same?
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    Writing paper

    Does anyone have a pdf of the writing paper given in the hsc without the watermark? If you do, please pm me it. Thanks :)