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    Someone please explain to me how the answer to this multiple choice question is A? Because I thought it was D! :spzz: I am utterly confused. pls help.:spzz:
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    What's the best textbook?

    What's the best textbook for General 2 maths? Like ones with the curveball-type and difficult questions, and ones that require you to apply a wide range of skills and knowledge for the one question if that makes sense. I am aware the syllabus has changed, but would still like recommendations...
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    Help im in a crisis

    I am in a massive crisis. MASSIVE. Whether I should drop to general maths from 2 unit Maths. I would preferably like to make a decision asap, as I'm 3 weeks into year 12 and I don't want to waste any more time. These are my subjects for background: - Economics (rank 2/20) - Biology (rank...
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    Selling brand new prelim legal studies textbook

    Currently selling Excel Preliminary Legal studies textbook. It is completely untouched, brand new (I have not even written my name on it); no traces of highlighters or anything like that. Very comprehensive & in detail, photocopied it like 100x and distributed copies to friends. Selling for $30...
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    help is urgently needed

    Should I be spending an entire day (with breaks in between ofc) writing a 1600 word prelim economics essay? :spzz:Is this too long to spend on a single essay? :blink2:I also struggle immensely writing off the top of my head, I have to research for ages and read like 30 articles first...
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    How to deal with content heavy subjects?

    Hello all. I've been studying very little all through this year (i'm in year 11), and I need advice + tips urgently!! I'm getting into a study routine slowly now however, but due to the intense content of my subjects ( Ext English, Adv Math, Economics, Biology, Modern, legal) I'm struggling to...
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    What to Drop !?

    So I am struggling immensely trying to figure out which subject to drop.:spzz: I know it’s still early days and I’ve only completed two assessment tasks for each subject and I have only received marks for the first round of assessments. I go to a school ranked 270 in the 2017 HSC just for some...
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    Medicine ?

    So I’m in year 11, and was just wondering if I need a prerequisite for medicine in 2019 for the following universities?; USYD, UNSW, Macquarie Uni or Western Sydney Uni? Thanks!
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    Scaling ??

    How good are the following subjects in regards to scaling? -Biology -Modern History -General/Adv Maths -Adv English -Economics -Legal Studies -Extension History -Extension 1 English Thank you!!
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    Scaling & Subject Selection

    Just a few questions :) - I am currently in year 11, and I plan on doing the following subjects in year 12: - Biology - Economics - Legal Studies - Modern History - Adv Maths - Extenstion 1 English - Extension History How good are all these subjects in regards to...
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    How to thoroughly understand texts in English?

    I will be commencing year 11 in 2018, and I desperately need advice on how to comprehensively understand different types of texts in Advanced English, in particular, the classics and those written in old English/Latin. I find it really difficult to understand these types of texts regardless of...
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    Mathematics Adv Textbook Recommendations

    I'm starting year 11 next year, and the textbook my school prescribed for preliminary Advanced Math 2018 is Maths in Focus (which I've heard from many is absolutely horrible). Are there any other textbooks I should use? Will they prepare me well enough?
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    Preliminary HSC advice !

    I've finalised my subjects for year 11 2018, and I would greatly appreciate any advice, tips or warnings regarding these subjects. Also, any information in regards to the scaling of these subjects? Please be as honest and blunt as you can! My subjects are: - Advanced English 2u - Extension...
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    Advanced Math Year 11 2018

    So I'm starting year 11 next year (rip me) and I'm doing advanced maths. Out of all my subject selections, Maths is probably my weakest. Therefore, I predict that I'll struggle quite a bit and waste time learning the concepts, when instead I could be focusing on my strengths. Should I drop to...
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    anyone in yr 11/12 or has completed HSC

    what's the best piece of advice you could offer for: - English Advanced - Legal Studies - Economics - Biology - Modern History - Advanced Math Thankyou so much in advance!;)
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    Anyone that knows anything about law lol

    Can someone please tell me what international law is and what it consists of because I've heard about 10 different definitions :confused: is it like discussing a country's laws and treaties with other nations and defending different countries?? Or even discussing agreements with other...
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    Urgent help for yr 11!

    Help me for yr 11! Hey, so I'm in the process of choosing my subjects for yr 11, and I have no idea what career I want to pursue in or what Degree I would like to undertake. Therefore, I aim to do a variety of different subjects next year. These include: English Advanced, English Extension...