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    Transferring internally UWS - PLS HELP

    i got an offer for business/commerce at uws...but i want 2 do engineering badly lol...i heard its easier to transfer internally...soo wat is the earliest time i can transfer to engineering at uws ( is it 6 months??)... since they r both completely different courses, doo i lose time??? pls reply...
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    What is the success rate of insearch?

    wat percent of people who do engineering dip at insearch actually go onto UTS?? wen is the last day to apply for this? i need more info on this thing soo share ur thoughts lol..
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    Whos studying now?

    lol im doing the calculations atm ... thats the worst part of the paper..//
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    The most hated/ tricky question in 2 unit 2008

    well it def has to be q10 cos i left most of the question out.. mayb cos i didnt hav timee err
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    upto wat topic in app of calculus in the 2 unit course?

    i guess its not the whole chapter so upto wat topic is in the 2 unit course for application of calculus to the physical world?
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    whos ready for maths??

    stupid question i knoww.. but im bored =/
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    Whats the last subject u looked at?

    .... well il start off.. mine being englishh soo daymn bored of it haha
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    heylo 2009 HSCer's lol wat r u guyz plannin 2 do afta ur hsc? wat course wat uni and ur UAI aim? study hard guyz jus one more yr :rofl: lol i started a similar theard last yr for the 08er's and now its 09'ers turn haha
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    A single sentence to tell wat ur creative will be about?...

    well ill start off mines abt dis guy leaving on a holiday and getting kidnapped and the challenges dat he faces ...u know all dis random bs that u write in english haha.... cant get more creative than that can it? lol but im std eng = fail
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    wat was ur avg UAI in ur school?

    wat was the median UAI in ur school? wat was the median UAI in ur school lyk last yr or something... and giv the rank of ur school too.. its funny how im askin at dis time of the yr but considering im taking a break noww i got nothing better to do lol soo far i noe the avg uai for...
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    Graduation Discussion

    when yourrr graduation... another one of those posts made due to boredom and laziness to study...
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    who finds it worthwhile going to school on the last few weeks

    who finds it worthwhile going to school on the last few weeks esp after trials and stuff.. well for me, some subjects we do work and the others just sit around doing nothing... see im so bored i actualy made a post haha anyways bak to :read: gud luck all
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    are you happy with ur overall internal ranks

    yes.... no... maybe??...
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    who applied for FEAS

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    who has received their UAC pin number

    who has received their UAC pin i heard some people have got it already but still waiting for mineeeee hope its not too late lol and is the board of studies one different to UAC? i guess im just lazy to ask my careers advisor lol
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    I need a related text for the novel "RAW"...

    Hey does anyone know any related texts for the novel RAW... i need it ASAP but definately b4 the hols finish:D
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    which textbook do u use for engineering studies

    which textbook do u use for engineering studies and which is the most summarised of them all....:confused:
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    What are best text books to prepare for trials

    what are the best text books 2 study of for 2unit /3 unit maths,, physics and engineering studies.. :read:
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    Is it too late to get a UAI 90+

    is it too late to get a UAI of 90+ if you have been getting average marks throughout the year. I know the trials count alot to your hsc but is it still possible to get it if you do good in the trials...
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    whos goin to that engineering day at UNSW

    whos goin to that engineering day at UNSW on may 21st...:jedi: