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    Hi all, Just wondering, do we get to know our ranks in the state for the subjects that we do? Thanks! :cool:
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    Q to Q question

    In the syllabus, it says that we have to "analyse information to assess the impact of advances in the understanding of matter on the work of physicists" I dont understand this point... I have the excel and the jacaranda text book and neither of them seem to address this point... :(
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    HSC marks...

    Hey everyone! Say in a school a person "A" came first in the grade for a certain subject. And a person "B" came 3rd in the grade. Both A and B goes and do the HSC. Say if B had suddendly studied REALLY hard and got the top mark in the state for that subject. Would A actually get B's mark and...
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    Question on syllabus

    Hi, This is a point which I don't know how to study for: "Analyse and interpret some of Einstein's thought experiments involving mirrors and trains and discuss the relationship between thought and reality" The only thought experiment that we learnt about is the relativity of simutanity...
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    mermorising stuff

    Hey people! :wave: you know in the chem monitoring and managment topic how they ask us to describe tests for various cations and anions, do u think we need to know those two tables in conquering chem? ( sorrie I don't have to book with me for the exact pages) or can we just say that they use...
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    Projectile Question

    A body is projected from a point on a horizontal plane reaches a greatest height h before hitting the plane R metres away from its point of projection. Show that the equation of the body's path may be expressed by y = [4hx(R-x)] / R^2 Somebody PLEASE show me how to do this question!!!! I've...
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    Hsc 2001 Q14

    Is the answer for this B or C ??? Cause I know that the succuess one saids it's B but somewhere else it said it's C...
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    Is Visual Basic a compiler or an interpreter? Why?