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  1. Borbor

    International Studies

    Ok what is the deal with International Studies? I've read a lot of these threads, the uni handbooks, talked to a lot of people and the general feel I get is that BIntSt or BIGS or whatever you call it is just a "glorified arts degree" as someone posted on here a while ago. Yes I understand...
  2. Borbor

    NSW to dump UAI! New Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)

    Articles on the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) Official announcement and explanatory materials Universities Admissions Centre | UAC "UAI changes to ATAR, HSC remains the same", Board of Studies...
  3. Borbor


    I quit my job 6months ago so am I still part of the SDA? And more importantly can I still apply for their $80 book voucher draw? :haha:
  4. Borbor

    Does anyone know the title?

    All of today I've been trying to remember, googling the name of this novel but to no avail, so I was asking if anyone knew it. It's about this young girl who goes to ballet school, has a disjointed relationship with her mother. They don't like each other, I think her father died when she was...
  5. Borbor

    Open High School - German

    Does anyone here do German through Open High School? Share your experiences here! Our school couldn't offer a German class so there are three of us in year 11 doing it through OHS. At first, it was really awkward in adapting to talking to a phone and no one to physically lecture you :lol:. But...
  6. Borbor

    French and German?

    The time has come for me to start thinking about subject choices and currently I do French & German in year 10. I'm considering of continuing both as Continuers but is this complete suicide? Has anyone else who has done French & German for HSC shed light on what it was like to do both for HSC...
  7. Borbor


    My family and I are planning a trip to Europe at the end of the year (our summer holidays) but we're not too sure where we'd like to visit so I thought someone could help out? We defintely want to visit Germany, France and Italy and to a lesser extent Greece, Czech Republic (Prague). Any other...
  8. Borbor


    Hello, does anyone know what it's like to work at Easyway? What the wages are like and how you applied? I was thinking of applying but then again I have NO work experience :(.