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  1. SoFTuaRiaL


    is it run by u guys as well? and is it still active? i mean, i dont see as many posts as on bos .... just curious ...
  2. SoFTuaRiaL


    why has html been disabled for signatures? :(
  3. SoFTuaRiaL

    rugby world cup

    whom do u think will win? my heart is with australia, but my mind is with nz ....
  4. SoFTuaRiaL

    Welcome to the Faculty of Engg and Built Env

    gosh, i'm such a copycat :rolleyes:
  5. SoFTuaRiaL


    how come uts has sub forums, one for each faculty wheras other unis dont? not fair :mad1:
  6. SoFTuaRiaL


    from mid-2004, the BE/BCom will be available for all engineering majors (so far, it had been approved for just software engg) http://www.eng.unsw.edu.au/news/2003/0916.htm
  7. SoFTuaRiaL


    i'm thinking of buying a new laptop computer any suggestions?
  8. SoFTuaRiaL

    who are they?

    werent the new mods sposed to have been chosen on the 10th of the month? still no word of 'em?
  9. SoFTuaRiaL

    software engg

    just wanted to know the interested students know that the following degrees have been approved, and students can transfer into them immediately >>> BE Software / BCom >>> BE Software / M Biomed Engg
  10. SoFTuaRiaL

    life at maq uni

    http://www.unistuff.net/bootleg.jpg http://www.unistuff.net/bootleg2.jpg http://www.unistuff.net/bootleg4.jpg http://www.unistuff.net/bootleg5.jpg http://www.unistuff.net/bootleg6.jpg
  11. SoFTuaRiaL

    ECON1101 doubt

    ok, this is a small doubt i got. in the tests available on the textbk website, they got very similar choices. eg: A. increase in supply B. increase in quantity supplied what is the difference between them? * (increase/decrease) in (demand/supply) & * (increase/decrease) in quantity...
  12. SoFTuaRiaL


    what was ur wam last session? i know there is a thread on marks, but graphs just make it better :)
  13. SoFTuaRiaL

    calling all bdm students ...

    how f**kn bad was it today !!! :( :( :(
  14. SoFTuaRiaL

    Good Maths Website

    another maths website try http://mathworld.wolfram.com useful for brushing up ur concepts a few days before ur exam ...
  15. SoFTuaRiaL

    SAT exams

    just curious, anyone else here done their SATs ? i did my SAT 1 maths : 790/800 english - 680/800
  16. SoFTuaRiaL

    good luck!

    everybody, my best wishes in the coming exams! tip: dont spend too much time at bos ... special wishes to those doing discrete maths its such a :apig:
  17. SoFTuaRiaL

    exam timtable

    how is it? mine's f**kn crazy : 23rd - bdm 24th - maths1A 25th - comp1A 27th - discrete maths !!!!! :( :(
  18. SoFTuaRiaL

    semester 2

    sooooooooooo what subjects r u guyz doing next semester? me: Computing 1B Requirements Engg Finite Maths Accounting & Financial Mngt 1A Seng workshops 1A & 1B
  19. SoFTuaRiaL


    #%&%^*@##$$^%()^*P"L:>$%^#@@ yes yes :lol: this thread is dedicated entirely to spill out all ur frustrations towards mr.haskell ...... :chainsaw:
  20. SoFTuaRiaL

    Shadowing Program

    the school of computer science n engineering @ unsw is holding a cse shadowing program, where students from yrs 10-12 who r interested in comp courses at uni sign up (thru their school) and get to spend one day at uni. we students volunteer and u get to spend one whole day with one of the...