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    Graphing Q

    https://imgur.com/a/tLEFY the magflux graph is positive SINE what is the second graph according to this question
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    Urgent help please..

    Anyone experienced with the experiments done with cooled supeconductors, can you explain the experiment with a little detail where they place a magnet over an already cooled superconductor? I have an explanation myself but theres alot of confliction between a couple people i know.
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    Are type 1 and type 2 superconductors ...

    Are type 1 and type 2 superconductors specifically in our syllabus?
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    Someone help with this Q!

    If i place a magnet over an already cooling superconductor. The magnet repels by the production of eddy currents, but what keeps it in the position?
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    Help with this Q!

    If i gave you a magnetic flux vs time graph as a positive cosine non phase shifted function, that is its initially at a maximum. What is the induced emf graph?
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    Chances of Plank Einstein Debate?

    Hello! Could anyone give their thoughts on the possibility of the Plank Einstein debate on science's involvement in political affairs question coming up? Its such a burden to remember, even if its just key points.. In my opinion it has no physics involvement at all
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    How do you do this q?

    https://imgur.com/a/TZscN ^ Thank you :)
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    Relationships ..?

    Compose a short story that shows how relationships lead to provocative discoveries. ^ Can such relationship be a relationship with land? Like for example someone who has sentimental value with a certain place, and the discovery of it being destroyed or something? Or are they just talking...
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    Help with this question please

    I know that at maximum speed the back emf that a motor has is approximately equal to the supply emf, (which ultimately causes its speed to cap). But im confused with the words "it draws a current of 4A". Its probably not a complicated issue at all, just a little confused, any help would be...
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    2017 Trials anyone?

    Anyone got any of their schools 2017 ext1 maths trials? (Not cssa or anything like that)