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    Where will you be living next year?

    Staying at BandG. Unless something crazy happens over summer.
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    I was underage in O week. It was never a problem at the B&G bar nights etc, but at the end of each of these functions alll the BnG'ers piled into buses and went to ICBM or other clubs. I could never go with them because they always check IDs. It does make O week a bit lonely because you miss out...
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    07-ers score

    Huzzah! No more desperately-trying-to-squeeze-two-people-into-a-bed-that-only-sleeps-one-(small)-person-comfortably. Or fitting 5 very drunk people onto the floor of a postage stamp-sized room. Apartments would be really fun...
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    uai gap

    Huzzah! I thought it had to be an HD ave.
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    uai gap

    What's the likelihood of transferring into Syd Arts/Law with a UAI 1.25 points below and first semester results of 3 D's and an HD? I know transferring into law there is highly competitive...
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    First Semester Results

    Foundys D Torts D Philosophy D History HD Huzzah indeed!
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    law cut-off

    85 - which is a huge jump from last year.
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    Semester 2 arts

    I'm doing that one too....for classics...but all the rest of the history course look pretty uninspiring, so I'm procrastinating on that one.
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    Where is it?

    BPB is the Baldessin Precinct Building. It's where the Faculty of Asian Studies is, on Ellery Crescent near the carpark. It's almost opposite Melville.
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    post modernism perspective?

    I did a short story about a gypsy family told through the eyes of a little boy who loves to read, using lots of postmodern techniques and trying to get across the main pomo ideologies. He creates an imaginary friend for himself, but you9 don't find out that he's imaginary till the end of the...
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    post modernism perspective?

    I REEEAALLY wouldn't recommend u doing a piece based on a pomo core for ee2. I did it last year and I can tell you from experience that it's a very intensive (but fantastic) course and it's definitely not a good idea to be pitching your work against that of students who are have actually studied...
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    The festival in Garema Place

    it's that bit right in the middle of civic, the open space where the irish pubs, cheap cosmetic shop, restaurants, music shop, dymocks and starbucks all converge.
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    the cat empire, april 24

    I'm going!!! Just do a google search and choose anything cheap on northbourne ave or in Acton. I think you can stay at University House, too, which would be good if you're planning a good night. Don't know how much it costs.
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    Hear Hear. But still, I am sad about the apparent passing of the ANU forum.
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    Clubs guide

    What's your idea of good music? It's backstreet boy-free?
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    Clubs guide

    So I'd heard...but then isn't that Ursie's sponsor club?
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    Clubs guide

    So, now that we have all been converted to Canberra-ism, where's the best place to go out? I missed out on most of the o-week festivities since I was 17, now that I'm finally 18 I want to go out and celebrate. I keep hearing about Moose (in both good and bad ways).
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    The festival in Garema Place

    Damn, I was beginning to think everyone was wrong about Canberra.
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    The festival in Garema Place

    This is a long shot, but did anyone happen to ditch the o-week stuff on Friday nite and go see Eurotrash in Garema Place? If you did, you would have seen a bland French DJ, A cool Finnish band and some delusional swedes, but also this psycho German girl called Raube Hohle, who I am officially in...