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    Atar Estimate Please

    School rank : 150-200 ~ English Advanced - 9/65 Chemistry - 1/29 Physics - 1/28 Maths Extension 1 - 1/35 (got 98 for extension maths last year accelerated) Maths Extension 2 - 1/8 Thanks
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    Alkanol Hydrogen Bonding Ambiguous ?

    In the Jacaranda HSC Chemistry textbook, it defines that alkanols can achieve 2 hydrogen bonds. Picture: http://puu.sh/o1VCx/5498a5aa57.png And because of this, it explains the difference in boiling points between alkanols and alkanoic acids through the strength of the hydrogen bond instead of...
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    How hard is it to get an E4 in 4u ?

    I was wondering how many people get E4's in 4 unit ? (percentage of the state) I go to a shit school and I accelerated maths. I got 99 in 2u and 98 in 3u, my 4u teacher says not many people get 90's in 4u and says it's really hard to. Is it really that hard ? I'm really lazy and didn't put...
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    question on maths

    Are you allowed to use the world similarly? for example, you're using the same proof twice in circle geo for different angles, are you allowed to just write 'similarly' <PRQ = <RMO + <ROM
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    Study and Maths Queries/Questions

    Hi, I'm currently in year 10 (term 4) doing accelerated maths and I'm not sure about a few things. 1) What's the difference between accelerated 2u vs 2u/3u, I've learnt the 3u prelim courses + some HSC (induction) so far. Will I be doing 2u and 3u HSC next October? 2) I'm already doing 4u in...
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    Questions and Queries about Year 11/12

    Hello, I'm currently in year 10 and there are a few things that I'm unsure with. I'm currently doing maths accelerated and planning to do 3 unit next year. I was searching up info about the HSC and I found out that 50% of the marks come from assessment tasks and 50% from the examination. Since...