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  1. NewiJapper

    Geometric Complex Numbers

    Let z = 3+ 2i and w =1+ 3i . Using complex numbers, find all complex numbers v such that z, w and v form the vertices of an isosceles triangle in which the length of side zw equals the length of side zv and the base angles are 67.5 degrees . I've attempted this a couple of ways but I...
  2. NewiJapper

    Partial Fractions question

    \int \frac{x^2+3x+4}{(x-2)(x-2)(x-3)}dx Partial fractions is one of the only techniques of integration I'm still coming to terms with, any help with this one would be appreciated :D
  3. NewiJapper

    Inverse Fuctions

    Find the inverse of this function expressed as a logarithm. I know the answer I'm a bit stuck on how to get to it.
  4. NewiJapper

    Hyperbolic functions

    Solve the equation 2sinh(2x)-sinh(x)=0 I expanded using the double angle formula but then got no-where. Any halp?
  5. NewiJapper

    Daily quirks

    What things at uni today made you laugh or just go wtf? Today, I was amused and confused to see a black guy with old, long dreadies dancing infront of a computer to some song on his ipod.
  6. NewiJapper

    What's so great about USYD law?

    Seriously? I don't understand. Why does it have so much prestige? At newcastle law school, they consistently beat USYD graduates in getting jobs at the top sydney law firms because we are a heavily practical and clinical law school. Should I bother trying to have no social life for a year to...
  7. NewiJapper

    Lady GaGa's new single.

    "Born This Way" What do you guys think of it? I was reluctant at first, but after listening to it a few times, it grew on me lol.
  8. NewiJapper

    How much do you have to spend on textbooks?

    Bought mine today from the Co-op bookstore. Ringed up at a low, low $673 for a large number of required books for math (1), bio (2), law (A BAZILLION). How much do you guys have to spend on textbook purchases this semester?
  9. NewiJapper

    Clubbing club

    For people who want to be normal, get maggot, get chicks/dicks (whichever is your fancy) on a weekend till sunrise.
  10. NewiJapper

    Choosing first year courses

    Hey I'm having trouble in choosing my first year courses. I have to do two law subjects a semester, leaving two spots for science related subjects. But within this mix, I have to do a math (MATH1110) and a statistics (STAT1070) which are compulsory to complete in the science degree at Newcastle...
  11. NewiJapper

    Having second thoughts.

    I keep on having second thoughts on what I should combine my law degree with. For the moment I have picked science, but I'm still not sure whether it is the best decision... Any advice would be appreciated!
  12. NewiJapper

    Another "Do I have a chance?!?!?!?!?" thread.

    Hey. As I sig says, I got an ATAR of 93.7. If I achieved a minimum of 6, more realistically 6.5 average in Uni, would I be able to transfer from UNCLE to USYD for combined Law or would I need a higher score in uni to be more competitive because of my "low" ATAR. Thank guys!
  13. NewiJapper

    Rollcall 2011!

    Law/Science here! Who else is going here?
  14. NewiJapper

    Raw marks - 2010!!

    Biology TM - 87 TWM - 88 HSC marks - 94 State rank - 1462/15849 Chemistry TM - 65 TWM - 66 HSC mark - 86 LOLOLOLOLOL! State rank - 2064/10325 English TM - 80.91 TWM - 89 HSC mark - 92 State rank - 2690/27127 English Extension 1 TM - 28.5 :| ouch... TWM - 38 HSC mark -...
  15. NewiJapper

    Final UAC Preferences

    Just wondering what everyone's final preferences will be like, because over the past few days/weeks I know that I have shuffled mine around etc and other people would have too. Mine are;- 1. Combined Law (specifically Law/Science) @ UNCLE 2. B Biomedical Science + Dip in languages @ UNCLE 3...
  16. NewiJapper

    2 Unit Past Papers

    I'm having trouble finding past papers with worked solutions, if anyone has any do you think you could message me them or put them up on here please? Thankyou in advance!
  17. NewiJapper

    Didn't do aswell as I had hoped...

    Today at school we received our trial marks back and for some subjects I didn't do as well as I had planned... Are there any good ideas to get me motivated to study more or get back up on that positive train of though because at the moment I feel I have hit rock bottom with some things...
  18. NewiJapper

    State ranking marks.

    Was just wondering what the state rank marks would be around for bio and adv eng?
  19. NewiJapper

    Official Insomniac's 2010 thread

    Fellow BOS'ers who lurk the night and sleep during the day at school. Share your thoughts and tales. I'll start, how can JG run the country whilst being in the kitchen?
  20. NewiJapper

    Quadratic polynomial and the parabola

    For x-2=\frac{-y^{2}}{12} Make a sketch of the parabola showing the vertex, focus and directix.