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  1. Kittikhun

    Mental toughness

    What's your definition of mental toughness? What keeps you going when that pain or boredom just seems too much to continue to bear? Thanks.
  2. Kittikhun

    Nearby hilly areas around UNSW

    Does anyone know of any nearby substantial hills around UNSW that are quite void of people and not actually in UNSW? I'm looking to spend my break time at uni at somewhere deserted to get my fitness up without people looking at me and finding me a wanker. Thanks.
  3. Kittikhun


    What accents do you find the most charming? Personally, I like the West Country, valley Welsh, Geordie, Kiwi, Cockney, and Afrikaans accents. I hate to say it, but I find the Aussie accent one of the least charming, but maybe it's one of those things where being surrounded by it all the time, it...
  4. Kittikhun

    CHEM1011 Diagnostic Test

    Right, so I haven't done HSC chem in three years, and I have forgotten almost everything I learnt about chem. I scored 1 out of 5 for my computer assignment in week 2 on the moles, and I'm getting really worried that I won't pass the diagnostic test. So, for anyone who has done it before what...
  5. Kittikhun

    Age, virginity, and your future

    A very interesting read about how the age of losing your virginity can predict what your future will be like. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/insight-therapy/201304/can-your-sexual-debut-predict-your-future
  6. Kittikhun

    Past exam papers

    Hey, guys. I was looking for some past exam papers on the library's catalogue and found nothing. While I understand that they don't put up past exam papers for some subjects, I searched up for past papers for a subject (BIOS2061) that I saw were available the last time I checked, which was...
  7. Kittikhun

    Chemistry 1A

    Is it possible to teach this subject yourself solely by reading and doing exercises from a chem textbook, and by watching youtube videos of chemistry labs? Thank you.
  8. Kittikhun

    Zero Dark Thirty

    It looks good. cAtWcvCxPhc
  9. Kittikhun

    Screw writing up vocab lists, use Interlex!

    The best language learning program ever invented and it's for free too. It's made my life very much easier. Free Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary Exchange Amusez-vous bien!
  10. Kittikhun

    Integration of logs and exponentials questions

    a). Use the trapezoidal rule with 5 function values to approximate \int_{0}^{2}ln(2x+1)dx Answer to three decimal places. b). i) Find \int_{0}^{ln5}\left ( \frac{e^{y}-1}{2} \right )dy ii). Hence, find the exact value of \int_{0}^{2}ln(2x+1)dx I have no idea how to use the Latex thing...
  11. Kittikhun


    I'm not very savvy in regards to uni terminology, but for those who are doing a major in Arabic is it worth it? Is the teaching quality good (I have been hearing some bad stuff about language courses at USYD especially for French)? Would it be realistic to do a combined degree of Physics and...
  12. Kittikhun

    Purchasing textbooks

    For the prescribed textbooks does it really matter for the ISBN to be the same when purchasing them? Because I have found a substantially cheaper textbook of a newer international edition from eBay and I do not want to purchase it and then go to the lectures only to find out that my textbook...
  13. Kittikhun

    My teacher is a haughty, imcompotent, unrealiable egotist. What can my class do?

    My class is just about near breaking point with our English teacher. She is constantly away when we need her the most and when she is present, she castigates us unfairly for not completing work which she has delegated to unqualified substitute teachers (how the bloody hell are we meant to...
  14. Kittikhun

    What textbooks do you use?

    Out of curiosity. I have to teach Conflict in the Pacific by myself and I only have the HTA Study Guide which is, to be honest, rather basic. I plan to write my notes from wikipedia, John Keegan's 'The Second World War'; H.P Willmott's 'World War Two'; and Peter Costello's 'The Pacific War'. I...
  15. Kittikhun

    Courses being taught entirely online

    Could anybody tell me how these courses work? Do you have to attend a video conference? Do you have to go online at specific times? etc. etc. Thanks.
  16. Kittikhun

    Off topic. Can someone identify the musical instruments of this piece?

    I know that there must be a violin, trumpet, (maybe a French horn?) flute and drums in there but because of my musical ignorance (which I apologise for) that is all I can gather from the following piece- YouTube - Saving Private Ryan Soundtrack - Revisiting Normandy Any help will be...
  17. Kittikhun


    Out of curiosity, do you guys give money to people who ask you on the street? I have given away probably $50 since I have been going to Sydney (espeically down George St and at Redfern) this year to people who I believe are genuinely destitute however two days ago this scrawny middle aged...
  18. Kittikhun

    Snobberry at university

    From your experiences which university has the highest number of snobby people and in which courses do you usually find them in? Thanks and sorry if a thread similar to this has been done before. I can't be bothered to search through all those threads from the search results that do not have...
  19. Kittikhun

    HBO's John Adams on Sunday.

    Just to let you guys know, if you're interested. TV Guide - Australia's TV Guide - Yahoo!7 It scores 8.9 out of 10 on imdb from nearly 7 000 votes. "John Adams" (2008)
  20. Kittikhun

    Has anyone ever bought a book online before?

    Especially from 'The Nile' bookstore? I'm strongly considering buying a dictionary from there to take full advantage of its interim free shipping, however, I have never ever bought anything online before. So, I just want to ask those of you who already have, are the books that you have bought...