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  1. xMaNx

    Shock poll as Labor support slides

    Shock poll as Labor support slides - Yahoo!7
  2. xMaNx

    Gillard urges against a 'big Australia'

  3. xMaNx

    The Ultimate Question: Mint or Gum

    Which do you like/Prefer for fresh breath. Obviously both have different properties.
  4. xMaNx

    Would you force your children to do stuff?

    Such as Study, Eat, No Msn, etc... would you force your kids and make them do stuff?
  5. xMaNx

    What is your Favourite salad Dressing?

    Well what is it? Also the salads you like best? Me: Chicken Caesar Salad, and Fruit Salad, also Sea Food salad isnt too bad
  6. xMaNx

    Gillard rejects Rudd mining tax critics

    Gillard rejects Rudd mining tax critics - Yahoo!7 News FUCK YEH! finally people are learning, took them long enough.
  7. xMaNx

    42" TV - LED or LCD

    ALDI - special buys from thurs 17 jun - hurry, limited stocks in store* OR $697 Vivo 106cm (42") Full High Definition LCD TV LTV42FHD (GE6003) | Dick Smith Online Store Main uses: - PS3 - Movies (DVD/Blu-Ray & also streaming from Computer)
  8. xMaNx

    Best Home Gym

    In need of Something Like this : FitBiz Exercise Equipment - Australia - Product Catalogue Thumbs Page Except one with good value for money, Im not an expert so Im asking you experts for help in what to buy, no real budget, but the cheaper the better with the best money value.
  9. xMaNx

    Firefox Issues

    I hit the shutdown button and the lid had been closed on the laptop, it was 12:30 am, and sleep was overpowering me. 8:30am, the lid was opened and I found myself staring at Windows update, do not switch off computer, installing update 3 of 13. It was urgent, so what did I do? I switched it off...
  10. xMaNx

    Your Ideal age to get married?

    What is it? Me: 24-28, depends when I feel right between that age group This is in lifestyle as it has to do with your life
  11. xMaNx

    USB Design Graphics Pad

    [/LIST] ALDI - special buys from thurs 10 jun - hurry, limited stocks in store* Worth Getting?
  12. xMaNx

    iPhone 4 - 4th Gen iPhone

    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/AZX576mHaVI&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/AZX576mHaVI&hl=en_GB&fs=1&"...
  13. xMaNx

    Taking Exam Day off

    If you take a day off and have an exam on, but also have a Dr. Cert with you, because you are sick, will the school let you do it later or will they give you 0?
  14. xMaNx

    Do You Wear Glasses?

    Reading, Driving, Long Range? not sun glasses. If so do you like wearing them? AND do you think glasses look good on the opposite gender?
  15. xMaNx

    Australian police to probe Google over privacy

    Australian police to probe Google over privacy - Yahoo!7 News imo, I doubt that collecting data can be an "error", lucky to have a secured wifi connection, and anyway why wouldn't you? Also I agree with the last line in bold, the internet Filter will ruin Australia. Discuss.
  16. xMaNx

    Facial Hair/Beard

    Guys: Do you have a beard/facial hair, if so how long is it, and do you like it? Girls: Do you like men with a beard/Facial Hair, if so how long?
  17. xMaNx

    Whats the size of your...?

    Height: 180cm Waist: 32-36" Shoe: 9 normal, 12 sports Edit: add weight: 75 kg Edit2: different pants have different sizes that fit on me :confused:
  18. xMaNx

    Bad laws, not bad whores: sex workers

    Bad laws, not bad whores: sex workers - Yahoo!7 News Discuss
  19. xMaNx

    Subdomain help!

    I've created a subdomain for our site, and it's also created the root directory, but, when I try opening the subdomain it comes up as url is invalid, im with crazydomains. any suggestions?
  20. xMaNx

    Comfortable city living needs big bucks

    Comfortable city living needs big bucks - Yahoo!7 News imo it's true, life is becoming more expensive each day. Thoughts?