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  1. Eagle Mum

    English text analysis essays

    Does anyone write their essays involving English text analysis as you would a science essay - ie. referencing sources rather than directly interpreting the text (noting many students would get ideas from other sources)? DS writes well for his science and geography essays, but approaches his...
  2. Eagle Mum

    Music notation software recommendations?

    I’d like to buy the best possible music notation software as an aid for HSC compositions. The local high school uses Flat which seems limited. The music teacher uses Sibelius software. We are thinking of purchasing Sibelius Ultimate, but wondering if anyone would recommend any other software...
  3. Eagle Mum

    Chemical nature of genes & chromosomes

    @Hikeydropout, I’ve created this thread to post my response to this question which you asked in the thread that was accidentally deleted. I looked up the HSC syllabus details for this topic which NESA provides in the public domain and can’t say that they are very helpful about what students...