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  1. _rakelt

    Duration of Work Experience/Placement

    Hello All, I want to complete a placement / work experience in order to add it on my CV when I apply for my masters. Luckily, at my current part-time job, my pharmacist linked me up with someone in the science industry so Im keen on doing some work experience there. Since I also have...
  2. _rakelt

    Is getting my Master's really worth the $$?

    Hello everyone, I'm starting second year into my medsci/business degree soon in 2021... and I've been very interested in getting my masters after I finish this 4 year undergad degree. It's still pretty early, but I'm super keen to get my masters For the past few years, I've been very invested...
  3. _rakelt

    Career Opportunities w/ MedSci

    Hi everyone, Just thinking about my future. As you guys probably figured out, I do double degree Bmedsci/Bbus. I'm interested in a career where I can analyse samples (blood/tissue etc) and diagnose a condition. I think its related to pathology, HOWEVER, I think you have to complete Medicine...
  4. _rakelt

    HELP on business/commerce major?

    Hey everyone, I am still in first year but I have to pick my major soon : / Not really sure what to pick.. My parents wanted me to do accounting or finance. Although I did a fundamental subject for accounting and I absolutely fkn hate it and think its super tedious... Finance is the other...
  5. _rakelt

    How long until courses be back on campus

    Hey all, this post is straight-forward. When do you think UTS will make it back to normal/ delivering education on campus? As far as I'm aware, UTS will remain online next semester, unless if the subject requires "special facilities". However, seeing that first-year subjects have like around...
  6. _rakelt

    Uni students & Financial Issues

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to gather/collect data of students and their management of finances for my IBP assessment... If you could complete this survey, it'd be great :D https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MQ3ZZHZ : ( Big thanku.
  7. _rakelt

    Possible to balance work & uni?

    Hello guys, I'm keen to work and earn some $$ because I want to become less dependant on my parents. It sounds weird but I've never worked before or had experience venturing out for a long time especially during high school when my strict tiger parents were very restrictive. I went for a job...
  8. _rakelt

    Do I need chem for medical science?

    Hello kids, I want to do BMedical Science/Bbusiness at UTS next year. On the UTS website, it says that it only requires "2 units of science" as ASSUMED knowledge and I only did biology. A girl who is a year older than me said that it requires some chemistry (chemistry 1&2), and that she was...
  9. _rakelt

    UTS vs USYD?

    So, I'm very conflicted if i should go UTS or Usyd. i achieved an atar of 91.35, and I want to do a double degree (science + business/commerce) and feel this is enough to get into the courses i want from both uni's But im still conflicted on where i should go. I feel like at this point, I'm...
  10. _rakelt

    Modern History

    Hi Guys, modern is trmw.. any guesses what questions will be?
  11. _rakelt

    Anyone apply for E12 at Usyd?

    Hello! Is anyone applying for E12 at Usyd this year? I am. Just curious :)
  12. _rakelt

    Possible ATAR of at least 80~85?

    Hi guys, I received my final reports after trials and all, and wondering if I could score an 80-85? Yes, I have 12 units! My marks/ranks are: - Studies of Religion 1 unit = marks around 70-80% = 20/80 kids - Maths adv 2u = 60-70% = 20/44 kids - English Standard = 95-90% = 6/90 kids - Modern...