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    UAI estimate...i'll rep you if you give me one!

    School PLC (Presbyterian) rank 21st in State :D 50% of students get over 90 Subject.......... Overall Rank ............ Overall Mark Chemistry .........................5/20 ............... 79/100 English (advanced)...........20/98 ............. 80/100 English Extension 1..........32/55...
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    UAI estimate... my last one

    School PLC (presbyterian) Sydney---Rank 21st in the state 50% of students over 90. Ive included the % of students from last year in band 5/6 Subject Mark Rank English Extension 2 Task 1 15/15...
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    UAI estimate

    School PLC Sydney (Presbyterian not pymble) rank 21st in state 50% of last years grade got over 90 Subject Mark Rank English ext 2 15/15 1/33 25/25 1/33 English ext 1 18/20 17/55 English 23/25 5/98 25/30 42/97 :( stuffed this one up...
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    estimate my scaled marks please?

    School PLC Sydney (Presbyterian not pymble) rank 21st in state Subject Mark Rank weighting English ext 2 15/15 1/33 10% 25/25 1/33 20% English ext 1 18/20...
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    Information on Accommodation

    Ok just wondering if any of you stay on campus at ANU, What are the facilities like? Is it better to stay in self- catered or fully catered accommodation? Which of ANUs residential halls/ colleges have the best social atmosphere? How difficult is it to balance part time work and the work...
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    Writters Block

    Writers Block I have only written 1000 words of a 5000-6000 word critical response and i already have writers block! :chainsaw: Does anyone else have this problem or know how to get rid of it?:rolleyes:
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    i need advice....

    Should i do Law/ commerce at ANU? What is the Uni like in terms of... 1. Social life 2. Teaching methods 3. Reputation in the field of law thanks people;)
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    can get a UAI estimate please? pretty please??

    i know its really early in the year, but i was wondering if i could get an estimate just to scare me into working harder... School rank 21st : about 50% of people get over 90 UAI Subject: mark rank English advanced: 23/25 5/98 Extension English: 18/20...
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    just a quick scaling question..

    In our recent chem assessment NO ONE got below a mark of 12/15 and there are 22 people in the course. While this is great, does it mean that if we perform badly in the external exams that the entire class gets dragged down in terms of our moderated assessment mark???:confused:
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    non fiction texts for I&S

    Does anyone have any recommended NON fiction texts that i could use for individual and Society??? i need around two...