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    Reply here for atar estimates

    I am the best so get the best estimate pre HSC
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    Is this guy telling the truth?

    @Expulso said "There it is, the classic Grammar kid. A couple of state ranks in the language subjects and suddenly you're gonna beat Ruse. Also isn't your head of English married to one of the guys at NESA or something? I heard at my school that authorities might investigate Grammar for how...
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    History Extension- Exam Thoughts

    Wow! What a cake walk people!
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    Paper 1: Section 1: 5 texts- 1 visual, 2 poems, 1 non-fiction, 1 fiction 1 compare question (7 marks) Section 2: Complexity of human experience with context (make us more aware)- general Paper 2: Section 1: Interview with two composers to show the literal textual conversation - specific...
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    Around 60% of candidates across NSW who do English Adv get a Band 5 and above :)
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    Does anyone have any exams for English Adv they want to swap? I have two trials
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    Personal statement - HSC 2019

    Dear @jazz519 @John1201 @Drdusk @DrEuler @blyatman and others, Please allow me to apologise unreservedly for what I posted during the past week. My behavior was extremely inappropriate, immature, and lacked the respect BOREDOFSTUDIES deserved. It was a disruption and distracted others from...
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    Hi my name is @John1201, My marks are inflated as my school is bad. They are Maths 83 English 77 Physics 70 Economics 88 Modern 82 What is my atar?
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    Anyone have any trial papers for Modern they wanna trade?

    Title says it all
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    With the new syllabus for the sciences, english and histories. I was wondering if we should start a google drive which we can all add our own school internal assessments too and then our collection of practice exams will collectively grow? Mods what do you think?