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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    a lot better than expected. GOOD NIGHT and good luck! :')
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    $2/$3 Business Studies | Biology | Geo notes and essays

    bump !!!! really good communication notes!!! but mfw usd.....
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    ULTIMATE HSC NOTES WAREHOUSE | 24 Subjects | $25 |

    Can I please get samples for Visual Arts?
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    I just found out you can edit titles by double clicking their name on the thread list

    Re: So.. fellow 15'ers, what after HSC? 1. going to hong kong for 3 months ( just bought the plane tix recently!! yay!!) & probably going to eat a lot 2. freak about my ATAR 3. apply for a job.... idk where tho, looking at uniqlo.
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    Summoners War Rollcall!

    OP spent like $400 rip
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    Summoners War Rollcall!

    ign: hehren