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  1. Drifting95

    Economics- HSC Essay predictions 2015

    Hey everyone, Here are my economics predictions for 2015. After numerous PMs over the last months, i've finally done it! :lol: DISCLAIMER:In no way am i stating these questions will be in the HSC exam, they are simply my recommendations on what you should pay particular attention to. Ensure...
  2. Drifting95

    Sleep deprivation survey- help needed !

    Hey everyone, My sister is doing her CAFS IRP currently and needs some more participants for her survey. I posted this on TNT a month ago however more participants are required. Rep will be given in return for your assistance :lol...
  3. Drifting95

    Economics- HSC Essay predictions !

    Hey everyone, Here are my predictions for the 2014 HSC Economics exam. DISCLAIMER:In no way am i stating these questions will be in the HSC exam, they are simply my recommendations on what you should pay particular attention to. Ensure you study for all other topics, there is no shortcut to...
  4. Drifting95

    Economics HSC predictions- I need your trial questions !

    Hey everyone, For the 2014 exams i will be doing some predictions for the Economics exam (Business Studies as well potentially) to help the BoS community out with their preparation. This will consist of topic predictions for the short answer questions (E.g CAD, Environmental sustainability)...
  5. Drifting95

    Running in a new car

    I wouldn't be doing this too soon if the car is new, get a few km's on it first.
  6. Drifting95

    Premium Assignment/essay editing and feedback Service l 97.25 ATAR

    Hey everyone, I'm Daniel, a 2013er and i'm currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Law @ UNSW. You may have seen my other thread http://community.boredofstudies.org/482/tutoring-classifieds/317843/hsc-tutoring-97-25-atar-eco-business-free-notes.html#post6515389 , this is an extension of my...
  7. Drifting95

    LAW1052 Textbook- 2nd vs 3rd ed?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to purchase the "Law and Justice in Australia" textbook and have found out that the 3rd has been released recently. Would i be able to get away with just buying the 2nd ed because i'll be saving at least $100. The changes outlined are: - New chapter...
  8. Drifting95

    2014 Law Cohort Rollcall

    Hey everyone, I just saw http://community.boredofstudies.org/138/faculty-law/298597/2013-law-cohort-rollcall.html and thought it would be a good idea to do a similar thing for the 2014 cohort. Also, please mention if you're considering going to law camp. I'm considering it however i'm not too...
  9. Drifting95

    HSC tutoring - 97.25 atar- eco, business + free notes

    97.25 ATAR- Economics & Business Studies Tuition- Parramatta+ South West Hey there, I'm Daniel, as many of you might know, and I have ONE spot available within my current tuition schedule. I graduated from Good Samaritan Catholic College in 2013 receiving an ATAR of 97.25 and currently...
  10. Drifting95

    HSC Economics study and exam tips

    Hey guys, I've had people emailing me for tips for economics specifically. I'm just going to post some stuff i have said in these emails and eventually add more to it. If you have any questions about economics post them in this thread before you make a new thread. If you're wondering about...
  11. Drifting95

    Drifting95's Economics and Business Studies raw marks

    Got these a week or so ago and seeing as everyone else is making a thread i might as well :P Business Studies Multiple Choice: 19/20 Short Answer: 38/40 Section 3: 18/20 Section 4-Q27: 17.5/20 Raw Mark: 92/100 External Mark: 95 Economics Multiple Choice: 17/20 Short Answer: 37/40 Section...
  12. Drifting95

    $15 Notes l HSC 97.25 ATAR l Economics, Business studies, CAFS + essay plans

    97.25 ATAR l Economics l Business studies l CAFS l ESSAYS ADDED ! Hey everyone, I completed my HSC in 2013 with an ATAR of 97.25 and i'm selling my notes which i've spent hours perfecting. All notes have been updated to suit the 2015 HSC WHY MY NOTES? It is well known that there are...
  13. Drifting95

    HSC Marks all nighter thread

    For anyone who is doing an all nighter tonight for results on the 18th Discuss
  14. Drifting95

    Digital Currencies- Bitcoin, Litecoin etc

    Anyone interested in it, speculate or mine? Discuss
  15. Drifting95

    UNSW- EAS disadvantaged schools bonus points?

    UNSW- EAS disadvantaged schools (SO1A) bonus points? Hey everyone, I'm curious to know the amount of EAS points i would receive under the "SO1A socioeconomically disadvantaged schools list". http://www.uac.edu.au/documents/eas/S01A.pdf UTS offers my school 10 points (confirmed from...
  16. Drifting95

    Health problems during hsc...

    Hey Guys, My friend has spent a some time in hospital over the last day or so and it had obviously affected their study. Would they be eligible for EAS points or does the health issue have to be throughout the year for it to be considered within the "personal illness" category. Thanks
  17. Drifting95

    Advice needed....

    Hey guys, How would you approach a question like this "Outline an economic benefit and economic cost of a free trade agreement involving Australia" That is a 2012 hsc question I have always assumed that for a question like this you must be specific about an agreement, such as APEC, AANZFTA...
  18. Drifting95

    Trials vs HSC- Which marks (raw) are higher?

    Are trial marks a rough guide to our hsc raw marks or have people had better/worse raw hsc marks. Generalised yes, but i just want to know the norm.
  19. Drifting95

    Thoughts: CSSA CAFS

    How did everyone go? (doubt many people do cafs here lol) The hsc regulations short answer question was quite a surprise, i managed to bs my way through it but fingers crossed.
  20. Drifting95

    Thoughts: CSSA SOR1&2

    How did everyone go? I found it pretty good considering i only crammed for it.