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  1. J

    Folau switches to the AFL

    Israel Folau signs with AFL the AFL's worst kept secret is finally true. thoughts? will he do well in the AFL?
  2. J

    best movie endings?

    mine are: boogie nights requiem for a dream the virgin suicides happiness your turn
  3. J

    Alexander McQueen found dead

    Alexander McQueen commits suicide | Mail Online whaaaaaaaaaaaat :(
  4. J

    tafe/diploma or arts at UWS/UND

    so ideally i would like to end up in a media course (in either USYD/UTS/UNSW) after next year, but for the time being due to my low ATAR i will have do something which will allow me to enter these courses the year after. i was set on going to uni full time next year, but i'm having a few doubts...
  5. J

    Sydney Festival 2010

    Sydney Festival 2010 - About al green for first night! fucking excellent. as for throughout the festival: - A.R. Rahman - Neko Case - Grizzly Bear - Patrick Watson - Dirty Three & Laughing Clowns (!) - The Books - The Middle East - Severed Heads (!) - The Very Best - Radioclit - Camera...
  6. J

    atar estimate - low performing at a high ranking school

    hi guys, i'm getting band 4's and 5's in all of my other subjects: advanced english (5) economics (5) art (5) modern (4) all of my ranks in these aren't particularly great at all (bottom 20%), but i'm hoping i can pull myself up with scaling. now the problem is, i have maths right down at...
  7. J

    pavement - australian tour 2010(!)

    Pavement Australian Tour 2010 - Pavement at Enmore Theatre, Newtown, NSW at Enmore Theatre, Newtown, NSW on Thu, 4 Mar 12:00AM Thu 4 March - Enmore Theatre - SYDNEY Sat 6 March- Golden Plains - VICTORIA Sun 7 March- Thebarton Theatre - ADELAIDE Mon 8 March- Metro City - PERTH Wed 10 March -...
  8. J

    pixies doolittle tour 2010

    Pixies 'Doolittle' tour on FasterLouder.com.au cue erection
  9. J

    i wanna be a dj master

    where to start with equipment/lessons/etc? and i don't exactly have $1000 to drop on decks and mixers just yet.
  10. J

    worst australian song ever produced

    i think this is pretty close kS5mzKTvdJk so we hear constantly how great the australian music industry supposedly is; but what is the worst australian song (or even artist) ever created?
  11. J

    good recent hip-hop/rap

    so i like stuff like wu-tang clan, a tribe called quest, nas, madlib/j dilla/madvillain, 2 live crew and shit but i struggle to find anything good recent stuff besides madlib and outkast. suggestion plz? no top 40 r&b shit or else i will neg rep, thx.
  12. J

    major work - have you finished?

    i certainly haven't. you?
  13. J

    struggling with essay writing speed

    pretty much, i'm being fucked over in most of my subjects (eco, eng, art, modern); because i can't write quick enough in 40-60 minutes, in which i can only churn out 2 or 3 pages whilst other people seem to write 4-6 well written pages with relative ease. i always do a draft essay and plan...
  14. J

    save fbi gigs

    FBi Radio 94.5FM - FBIRADIO - Save FBi Gigs the only one that interests me (also probs cos its all ages) is this gig at luna park: anyone might be going?
  15. J

    byron bay schoolies rollcall

    :party::apig::hippie::drink::spzz::headbang: :music: smileys related whos going?
  16. J

    this or that/yes or no

    i need a jacket which isn't a regular hoodie. as per thread title: vs.
  17. J

    Masterchef Australia

    anyone watching this? the sob stories during the audition were a bit over the top, but some of the challenges coming up look pretty damn good.
  18. J

    2 live crew

    2 live crew - most entertaining rap group ever? most entertaining rap group ever? 5sc_nQiuDN0 EylyhEziLhk
  19. J

    seriously considering scrapping my major work and starting over

    what i'm doing now (latex sculptures) is really becoming tedious and boring, and my progress is stagnating because of it. i'm thinking of moving to either film, photography or graphic art. is it too risky a move?
  20. J

    Nude Photographs of Pauline Hanson emerge

    Pauline Hanson secret nude photo shoot | The Daily Telegraph images here: Pauline Hanson | The Daily Telegraph she was really, really ugly as a teenager..i'm not even sure if it is her. hot or not?