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  1. Silent_Sniper

    AWD vs. 4WD vs. FWD vs. RWD

    4X4 all the way!!!! Why just stay on the road? Make your own path offroad!!! ARB foreman ;)
  2. Silent_Sniper


  3. Silent_Sniper

    why do people like playing f.p.s for?

    It makes you feel apart of the game
  4. Silent_Sniper

    Fallout 3

    Fallout 3 is the shiz nip! I cant wait for Fallout New Vegas!!! ima get the special edition!!!! Pre-order!!!
  5. Silent_Sniper

    Scariest Game u've ever played?

    Alan Wake was abit trippy
  6. Silent_Sniper

    Worst games everyone bought

    Unreal Tournament III... really crap... The original Unreal was the best
  7. Silent_Sniper

    Halo 3...

    Halo FTW!!!! however!!! Its the ten year old's ( age group: 8 - 15 ) that ruin the game online... Crying and having a go at you for totally destroying them.. It gets to the point that you just chuck MW2 in and stick with that.. OMG i love Halowars!!! Rushing warthogs is very fun... Anyone go...
  8. Silent_Sniper

    Best Music in A Videogame

    The WWE games - Smackdown Vs Raw series.. no doubt about it..... Mudvayne FTW
  9. Silent_Sniper

    Game Name Game

    Rainbow six vegas 2
  10. Silent_Sniper

    Worst games everyone bought

    Ok heres a list: Dark Rain -xbox360 Unreal Tournament III -xbox360 Tony Hawks Project 8 -PS2 Nascar 2008 -xbox360 Need For Speed Undercover -xbox360 GTA Liberty City Stories -PSP Killzone Liberation -PSP
  11. Silent_Sniper

    Yea everythings going great :D what games do you play on xboxlive?

    Yea everythings going great :D what games do you play on xboxlive?
  12. Silent_Sniper

    Hey dude, hows everything?

    Hey dude, hows everything?
  13. Silent_Sniper

    GTA ballad of Gay Tony

    Hey guys :D If anyone here plays this game online everyday or so, add me on Xboxlive "LordlyStatistic" I play heaps of other games, so anyone can add me :D cheers..
  14. Silent_Sniper

    Which is Sydney's most bogan suburb?

    You gotta show them your not a pushover, its only "bad" because most people who visit those areas get pushed around because of the lack of balls to say anything.. Im from Lithgow and believe me you haven't seen bad till you have been to Lithgow.
  15. Silent_Sniper

    Hey hows it going?

    Hey hows it going?
  16. Silent_Sniper

    Headset - Microphone problem

    It's one i picked up from Harvery Norman Its Just known as "Laser" www.LaserCo.net
  17. Silent_Sniper

    Headset - Microphone problem

    Okay i bought a headset today, plugged it in and for about 20 seconds it worked then just stopped. I have try'd everything (i think) i could find online, i dont think its the hardware.. any suggestions?? Im using Windows 7 This is what occurs; High pitch noises when increased volume Beats...
  18. Silent_Sniper

    Best game in each genre

    Worst? Age of Mythology? Are you an idoit? Seriously, your saying the best is "Age of empires 2"??? When both Warcarft 3 an AOM beat that game in sales and reviews.. Age of Mythology is a great game with a good story to it..
  19. Silent_Sniper

    Lol good luck with UNI

    Lol good luck with UNI
  20. Silent_Sniper

    Best game of all time??

    You are 100% spot on