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  1. Infatuate

    Sydney Grammar Maths Past Papers, or some difficult maths questions?!

    I'm in need of some past papers (helping my sister out here!), and I've heard Sydney Grammar has some awesome math ones. So it'd be super awesome if anyone who has any yr9/yr10 syd grammar half yearlies/ yearlies (or any year, for that matter... preferably 9/10) could help her out. She's...
  2. Infatuate

    Ruse vs. Grammar

    Edit: I've just re-read what I've written... lol- pretty biased stuff right there (even though it's true). in all seriousness, if i was in your position i'd send my sibling to grammar. he has secured a scholarship- he has pretty much guaranteed himself an all-rounded schooling experience...
  3. Infatuate

    English Tutoring during Junior Years?

    A private tutor would be ideal but we (my parents and I) can't seem to find one with amazing credentials. :( And Ngo and Son's English? I've read quite a fair bit about that on this forum but it seems like all the reputable teachers (Ms Diab etc) teach senior years only... or have I been...
  4. Infatuate

    English Tutoring during Junior Years?

    I'm posting this for my younger sister (yr9 this year) who is in dire need of a good English tutor. She attends a selective school ranked in the top 5, but her English marks aren't too impressive. I know it's probably a little too early for her to go English tutoring considering that she's only...
  5. Infatuate

    School Rankings 2011

    unlike ruse's cohort last year (ruse10), ruse11 didn't have any super freakishly smart people. there were no stacey laws, or superb olympiad members (there were a few, but they weren't stand-outs). if ruse11 was like ruse10, then the number of firsts in courses/top achievers would've been...
  6. Infatuate

    gossipp gurlll!!!

    Omgomgomg <3
  7. Infatuate


    Re: 2nd IN ECONOMICS IN NSW + 99.95 ATAR & 1 YEAR TEACHING EXPERIENCE - ECONOMICS TUT Oh, I remember seeing you at that formal awards ceremony! Stellar marks, btw :)
  8. Infatuate

    Roll Call: Class of 2012

    Heeey. I'm taking 3U english (adv+ext1), 4U maths, chem and economics! ;) I'm aiming for an ATAR above 99.7 :) - planning to study med at UNSW and become a dermatologist? (idk yet)
  9. Infatuate

    Umat Results

    Re: Umat Mhm. UNSW will probably accept you (just? idk). The universities that don't consider your UMAT score probably will too.
  10. Infatuate

    Experienced, 3 STATE RANKS, 99.95 ATAR, 99 UMAT

    ohmygosh! impressive
  11. Infatuate


  12. Infatuate

    Academic Competitions

    Mhm. I care about the AMC because my school posts everyone's results up on a wall, with their scores and ranks. =( Do other schools do this? I've never asked anyone else about it.
  13. Infatuate

    Has anyone managed to attain high ranks without tutoring?

    Back in '08, my brother received a UAI of 99.4... (I'm assuming his ranks were quite high, if not above-average, considering that he went to SBHS). And what's surprising is that he refused to go tutoring. :)
  14. Infatuate

    What is everyone going to do the day they finish the HSC?

    Get my sleeping routine back on track.
  15. Infatuate

    Exam Technique

    I second this!
  16. Infatuate

    ATAR estimate ploxxx

    Ah, we'll have to wait and see- if Baulko's 2011 cohort is really as smart as they proclaim to be. I doubt it :P
  17. Infatuate

    ATAR estimate ploxxx

    Oh wut. I'm going to say 99.8 ish :) And that's assuming that your subject cohorts are all weaker than Ruse's (duuuh! english and eco...? maybe)
  18. Infatuate


    I'm freaked out by the sight of blood, yet, I want to be doctor- partly for the money, and partly because I have some interest in the field (but I can't recognize it). :( Oh, and I'll be the 4th doctor in the family! :)
  19. Infatuate

    James Ruse Premedical College

    Well it has been confirmed that Ruse's AVERAGE ATAR (not median) was 99.39 in '10. In 2009, Ruse's average atar was 99.45. So... :)
  20. Infatuate

    how many people share your ATAR??

    Oh oops, read it incorrectly :P