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    OI someone here MUST be goin to MACLEAY!

    anyone goin to macleay in 05? haha someone out here MUST be goin! i wanna know who im goin to be with.... :p
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    Macleay College for 2005

    im bored and just wondering if anyone is goin to macleay college in 2005.... i wanna see who im goin to be stuck with for the next year haha ;)
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    who else hates yeats!?!

    who else hates yeat's poetry!?! i am so glad that i never have to listen to Yeats complaining EVA again! He was such a winge and he should just get ova it! Wat bad elective to be taught i wish my class did something else... i did so bad in the test but only cause my teacher taught us nothing...