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  1. J

    Bachelor of Applied Finance vs Bachelor of Commerce (Finance/Accounting)?

    Hey guys, I'm still a 2021 HSC student and I want to get into the financial sector as a career path. What's the difference between these two degrees? My main concern is that the Bachelor of Applied Finance may be a bit too specialised to the point where it may be detrimental in the future -...
  2. J

    UTS v MACQ v WSU for Business/Finance?

    Hey guys, I have an interest in finance and business, and want to pursue that in university (finance + accounting majors) - but I'm split between these three uni's. I don't know how much affect they may have on future graduate employability right out the gate, or even if that matters. Could...
  3. J

    How achievable is a 90+ ATAR?

    Hello. I'm just wondering how achievable a 90+ ATAR would be, or moreso any tips in getting said ATAR next year? I'm currently in year 11 and transition into year 12 next term, and my school usually ranks in the 500 - 600's for HSC scores - unfortunately. If I'm undertaking adv. English and...