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  1. may22

    Chemistry help

    Okay so my teacher started year 12 content with mod 7, but I'm confused about something. When drawing alkanes/alkynes/alkenes etc, we have to include the hydrogens with the carbons right? hydrocarbons and all that... I know how many hydrogens to have with each carbon when doing alkanes, but I'm...
  2. may22

    “Book Club”?

    Is there a book club thread? Every thread on books I’ve seen is basically dead...😞 Would honestly love to discuss different books, including opinions, recommendations, etc
  3. may22

    Tips for creative writing

    Okay, so I always thought that creative writing was my strength But I've hit year 11 and my teacher is trying to push me further with my ideas. I've been experimenting a lot with structure, language devices and storylines, but there are two things my teacher has noticed: 1. I write like it's a...
  4. may22

    Ext 1 English help

    Ummm...this is my first time writing an essay with 4 texts (2 prescribed, 2 related)...I'm practising for prelims (a little late, I know). But how in the world do I mention all my texts in my intro without it sounding like blab?
  5. may22

    Oliver Twist body paragraph adv english

    Hey, is anyone willing to take a look at a body paragraph from a practise essay and let me know what they think?
  6. may22

    Help? Ext 1 Combs question

    ignore the little dots and the highlight lol....
  7. may22

    Prelim 3U Math Trig Question - Help

    My entire class and teacher tried this proving question about 6 times, on both LHS and RHS, but we were stumped. Any ideas?