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    How strict are USYD atar cutoffs

    The cutoff is 92 for students without any adjustment factors.
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    WAM to ATAR conversion

    See https://medstudentsonline.com.au/forum/threads/gpa-to-atar-conversion.34504/ for (possibly out of date?) conversion of GPA to ATAR that UAC uses.
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    97 estimated atar

    A Bachelor of Science? https://sydney.edu.au/science/study/undergraduate-courses.html
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    WAM needed to get into Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography)

    See https://medstudentsonline.com.au/forum/threads/gpa-to-atar-conversion.34504/ for (possibly out of date?) conversion of GPA to ATAR that UAC uses.
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    97 estimated atar

    Usyd no longer has subject related ATAR adjustment factors (ie bonus points). Only adjustments are for special admission schemes like e12.
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    Bonus points into diag radiography?

    The 2017 guide doesn’t apply to 2019 entry.
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    Bonus points into diag radiography?

    Usyd no longer has flexible entry (or what others call bonus points). There are alternative entry scheme for low SES etc. but if the guaranteed entry is 95, then it is 95.
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    Easier to transfer internally or externally?

    By “easier”, I presume you mean does one method have a lower GPA requirement than the other. I cannot speak for UNSW, but in my experience the GPA or WAM used is the same.
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    Transfering to USYD/UNSW from UTS

    See your identical other thread. http://community.boredofstudies.org/586/general-university-discussion/384565/transfering-usyd-unsw-uts.html
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    Could I get an offer?

    If your ATAR is below the cutoff you won’t get an offer. But if usyd changes its cutoff to lower you would get an offer. If this is the degree you really want it doesn’t hurt you to put it first. If your number 2 choice is then something with an ATAR cutoff of 89, then you would get that...
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    Transfering to USYD/UNSW from UTS

    This is not a lottery, there is no “chance”. If you meet the criteria you get in (so you could say 100%), if you don’t make the cutoff you don’t get in (0%).
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    Transfering to USYD/UNSW from UTS

    https://sydney.edu.au/study/admissions/pathways-to-study/changing-universities.html Suggests usyd uses the better of your original high school ATAR, and the ATAR equivalent of your current uni GPA (assuming it is 1 year full time)...
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    Are courses at USYD genrally harder than UNSW?

    The perception of hardness or easiness of a subject is a very individual issue. Even if 2 unis had very similar courses on accounting, one might have a bit more maths or one might have a few more essays. If you are good maths, you will say the essay one is harder. One might have 9 am...
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    Will UNSW b com courses cross over with usyd?

    Do the units you do at UNSW (reasonably closely) match the first year commerce units at Sydney - see http://sydney.edu.au/handbooks/business_school/b_commerce/b_commerce_progression.shtml
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    USYD First Year Dilemma

    Reading between the lines, the OP appears to be saying “what is the best way to get the highest possible mark so I get into medicine” When students ask about “easy” subjects, they are more often asking “is it easy to get high marks” The perception of hardness or easiness of a subject is a...
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    Advanced Math Units

    You need to decide your priorities. http://www.maths.usyd.edu.au/ub/daners/selftest/selftest.cgi Suggest that 4 unit maths and an ATAR of 90 or more a good predictors of ability to handle the course. However you have also mentioned GPA. Do you want (perceived) easier units for what you...
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    Is engineering at UOW possible if you haven't done EXT 2 maths?

    This link is a bit old 2013, https://www.uow.edu.au/handbook/yr2013/ug/H13006068.html, but it says Entry Requirements / Assumed Knowledge Entry is any two units of English plus Mathematics. Recommended studies: HSC Mathematics Ext. 1 plus Chemistry or Physics. Entry is open to students who...
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    Confusing timetable for university.

    You should take as full advantage as possible of any and all relevant orientation activities https://orientation.uts.edu.au/
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    Can I lose an offer that I am not enrolled in?

    You have accepted the offer. Enrolling in units of study is a different process. If you want to place, why not pick your units.
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    Rejected an offer, will i get the same offer?

    Uac will not give you the same offer twice. If you want to reverse your rejection decision contact the university.