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  1. Lou283

    Has anyone done MAS110, MAS240, MAS241, MAS389, MAS390?

    Has anyone done/doing any of the following? MAS110 Introduction to Digital Media MAS240 Cybercultures MAS241 Interactive Web Design MAS389 MAS389: Public Relations Theories MAS390 Public Relations Practice I'm a commerce - marketing major but was considering doing these as...
  2. Lou283

    Has anyone done FBE200: Professional and Community Engagement ?

    Looks like I will be doing an Internship this semester and so was going to take it under FBE200 - Just wondering if anyone on here had done it before? How did you find the assignments and presentation you have to do? Here is the unit: http://www.handbook.mq.edu.au/2011/Units/UGUnit/FBE200
  3. Lou283

    Choosing 1 of MKTG204/208/210

    Hey everyone! I have to choose one of the following and was looking for opinions from anyone who has done any of these: MKTG204 - Integrated Marketing Communications MKTG208 - Marketing Management MKTG210 - Marketing Metrics Thanks in advance!
  4. Lou283

    Has anyone done SOC224- Methods of Social Research?

    Has anyone done SOC224 - Methods of Social Research? I am just looking for your opinion on the unit. Thinking of doing it as an elective. Thanks, Lou
  5. Lou283

    ACST101 - Techniques and Elements of Finance

    So the course outline went up today for ACST101 and since I finished high school 4 years ago I have no idea what those formulas mean! I am going to give the numeracy centre a visit but I wondered what peoples experiences are with this unit? I am studying marketing so I just need to get through...
  6. Lou283

    Stat 170

    So I am trying to work out suitable times for doing STAT 170 in Sem 2 but I can't work out whether it has 1 Lecture, 1 Tutorial and 1 Practical or if it has 2 Lectures, 2 Tutorials and 1 Practical. Here it looks like 1 of each: http://www.timetables.mq.edu.au/clas...AT&UnitNum=170 But when I...
  7. Lou283

    If I start a 3 yr degree in 2010 . .

    So If I start a 3 yr degree in Feb 2010 do I graduate in 2012 or 2013. 3 years is 2012 but someone said it would technically 2013. Just wanted to check =) I worked it out as: 2010 = 1 yr 2011 = 2 yr 2012 = 3 yr
  8. Lou283

    Choosing electives

    I have to choose electives for my 2 sem. This will be my first year at uni and I just wondered how others choose their electives. If I have covered all the pre reqs and so I can choose anything I want. Do people normally just choose other units for their faculty or do you take a stab and...
  9. Lou283


    I am a newby starting this year in B' Commerce. I don't think I have ever been so confused! Do I have to worry which units I am doing now or do I wait till my academic advising time? I tried to get an idea of my timetable but don't know which units I am suppose to choose . . .
  10. Lou283

    So who is joining me for B' Commerce at MACQ?

    Hands up who got into B' Commerce at Macquarie! :wave: I will be doing my major in marketing. What will everyone else be doing?
  11. Lou283

    So ... How did you go?S

    So how did everyone do? Are you happy, sad or still picking yourself off the floor in shock ? =) I got into B' Commerce at Macquarie and although it wasn't my first choice it's the one I expected and am really happy with it!
  12. Lou283

    Anyone done Decision Science as a commerce major?

    Just wanted to know if anyone chose to do this or the equivalent (depending on your uni) as a second major and was it any good?
  13. Lou283

    Anyone done Decision Science as a commerce major?

    I'm just looking for anyone who has done decision science as a commerce major. I am thinking of taking it as a second major, my first being marketing and wanted to see what people thought of it. Thanks!
  14. Lou283

    First day of Uni?

    If I get an offer for MQ what will be my first day at uni? I am just trying to work it out with work and it would help to know what day will be my first day at uni. Thanks!
  15. Lou283

    Can you double major in the B' Comm ?

    I have heard that you can't double major in MQ's B' Commerce. Is that true? I had hoped to do Marketing but would like to have the option to do a second major like decision science or business demographics or perhaps applied econometrics. I forgot to ask at the info day yesterday and would...
  16. Lou283

    Commerce at UNSW, USYD or MACQ?

    I wanted to get peoples opinion on which uni to choose to study commerce? I will probably major in Marketing and Management. I live in Western Sydney so Macquarie is by far the easiest to get to and then Uni Syd where-as UNSW will take me over 2 hours to get to. I know however that UNSW is...
  17. Lou283

    Anyone studying or hoping to study Occupational Therapy?

    Anyone thinking of doing or already doing Occupational Therapy? I have applied to do Bachelor of Health Science/ Master of Occupational Therapy in 2010 at UWS Just wanted to know what the course was like compared to the BApp Science at USyd? I have put USyd as my second choice! Also what the...