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    Does anyone have a copy of the ARTS1810 course outline from 2014?

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    C2C tutoring centre?

    I've been here for tutoring in Year 12. It was alright, but there's many better tutoring centers around the area for a cheaper option as well. When i went there it was $35 per lesson for 2 hours for normal class session (this was 2012), or $45 per hour for one-on-one.
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    The best movie lines

    "Hi babe!" The Room, 2003
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    35010 Foundation Mathematics

    Content • Algebra • Functions • Polynomial Functions • Geometry • Trigonometric Functions • Calculus • Logarithmic and Exponential Functions • Introduction to Sequences and series
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    35010 Foundation Mathematics

    Assumed knowledge is General Maths HSC level, or 5.2 or 5.3 level Year 10 Maths. The very first lecture is talks about the Basic Algebra Operations all the way to the final lecture of Integration. It's taught at a very first rate. They will teach maths that is necessary for the following Maths...
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    I have 6 months to learn key 2 unit Maths

    So can you get your student card yet even if you're enrolled for Spring Session? If so, you can enrol into the UTS bridging course for free if you have your student card with you. Otherwise it's $300. https://shortcourses-bookings.uts.edu.au/ClientView/Course/FaceToFaceDetails/1996 Generally...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Semester 2, 2016 So for my final semester, I’ve just focused on my remaining electives. COMP3511: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Ease: 9/10 Very easy and straight forward coming from any background. Content: 9/10 Good interesting content. As well as the UI/UX design parts, there's a bit of...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    Semester 1, 2016 COMP2121: Microprocessors and Interfacing Ease: 3/10 Content: 0/10 Very very dry. Assembly language. Yuk. Lecturer: Sri (2/10) I don't really like his lecturing style, despite many others praising him as funny. Tutor/Demonstrator: Daniel Murphy (8/10) Probably the only good...
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    Internal Transfer & risk being stuck with an unwanted course, or External Transfer?

    Re: Internal Transfer & risk being stuck with an unwanted course, or External Transfe Option 1 is the safer one. Do a year's at Macquarie and then apply for external transfer. You should aim for at least Distinction average to receive an offer.
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    Entry and IPT at UNSW

    You have to wait a year before you can apply for IPT, and must maintain a WAM of 70 (which isn't that difficult) if you want to transfer over to Advanced Science / Engineering. Yes, you can still do advanced science courses in the normal Bachelor of Science.
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    Chance of getting into UNSW?

    Chances are that you will make it in. I would recommened however putting in B.Science (you have the guarantee entry ATAR for this) as one of your perferences if you don't make it into Computer Science. For B.Science, just do the courses that a CompSc student would do, and internally transfer...
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    MQ Arts/ Commerce to Usyd Arts or Arts/ Commerce

    You will be eligble to transfer based on your current university marks. You've attemped a total of 8 units (48 units of credit) this year I assume, it will be counted - including the unit you didn't pass in first semester. I'm not sure about the marks needing to transfer to BA or BA/BComm - at...
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    COMP2121 & COMP1927 computing course exam past papers

    Yes as the person said above, there is a facebook group along with collobration of predicted exam questions made via google docs. If you join the COMP2121 16s1 FB group, you should have access to the docs. It's very handy.
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    Universities battle royale (UNSW v USYD)

    tbh both unis are good - however they both have different cultures and demographic stats (more casuasians at usyd, more asians at unsw). you should go to info day in january to check both unis out.
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    What does this mean?

    Just got this for the first time, is this happening to everyone too? I'd assume that they'll remove this in a couple of days.
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    macOS Sierra

    10.9 is still pretty good (and still pretty fast). Plus I prefer the UI before the 10.10 Yosemite update.
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    UNSW chit chat thread

    Re: UNSW chit chat thread 2016 Of course it does
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    macOS Sierra

    still using os x 10.9 mavericks here! lol
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    Leanancy of Internal Transfer

    Theres a chance you should be OK. Since the degree program you're transferring to requires a lower cutoff, they may do it. However I did heard that the business school is generally strict (in regards to transfers), so best to speak with the faculty office.