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  1. turnerloos

    q8 hsc 2008

    can someone explain to me terry lee's working out for q8 hsc 2008 part b i)
  2. turnerloos


    can someone please explain why sin3x = cos (3x - π/2)?
  3. turnerloos

    Basic Complex

    How does z.conj(z) = |z| ?
  4. turnerloos

    Integration Q

    Could someone explain how they integrated that?
  5. turnerloos

    u substitution

    when you integrate using u sub and say you let u^2 = x + 1. When you find the limits for the integral, would "u" be plus, minus? why, why not?
  6. turnerloos

    Difference between...

    What is the difference between emerging economies and newly industrialised economies?
  7. turnerloos


    Hey, how would i convert this: cos((a-b)/2)sec(b) - sin((a+b)/2)tan(b) into: cos((a+b)/2) Thanks :)
  8. turnerloos

    Circle Geo

    Jst wondering, is proving one property of a cyclic quad sufficient to conclude that points are concyclic?
  9. turnerloos

    Image Tag

    Is it just me or does the [IMG] tag not work anymore? Before it showed the image, now it only shows the url?