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    Industrial applications of biotechnology

    any1 have any good ones
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    Math phrasology

    Hey what yall think the answer is to this - have heard contrasting opinions aii thx
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    Common Silly Mistakes

    Can anyone list common/frequent silly mistakes they make please
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    Proving fundamental theorem of calc

    what does this dot point want? Could we be asked this?
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    Hi This is a thread to post semi-hard/challenging/out of the box/difficult/you get the picture questions. Anything of the sort you have or can think of we could post and then practice before Monday? No questions that are just straight theory application
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    Selling HSC English Advanced SAMPLE ESSAYS AND CREATIVES

    Hello, Finished English today. I think I smashed it but I guess this will look more appealing when I can prove the quality of my work with HSC Marks. Basically I’m selling my sample essays for Orwell 1984, Shakespeare and Pacino MOD A, T S Eliot MOD B and a couple of creatives with reflection...
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    Aight f English how’s everyone tracking for modern

    Pretty much it. I’m done talking about english so what are your thoughts, predictions and anticipations for modern. let’s hear all those resonances and dissonances?? I do South Africa, cie and Russia (anyone got any heads up to what they think is coming?) also power and authority I reckon...
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    Short Answer Essentials

    Alright, I read everyones bs techniques when they can't find anything to say and that got me thinking: What are the techniques (or phrases) you feel are essential/always come across well when you use?
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    Can anyone send me a sample introduction on Eliot, thanks
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    Hello, I saw a post earlier about not being sure what to do at university. I too have no f*cking clue but have also, at what point or another, said (or at least considered) I'd do pretty much anything. From Law to medicine to Finance it is an enigma! So I came here to see if anyone could...
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    How do yall get those 'harder' questions at the end of the paper

    ugggh just give me covid so i can die peacefully feel kinda sick after just trying to complete a trial and going relatively well then getting to the end of the paper and start dropping marks like their fkn babies (jk) This seems to be a recurring theme and want to know how you guys approach...
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    we graduated right, why tf do we have to go back? Can I just say no or do we have to go...
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    Biology Stimulus Based/Skills

    Hi All, As there seems to be quite a healthy bio community on the website I thought it would be a good idea to nail something often overlooked but very integral to bio hsc - skills. If everyone was up for it, maybe we could post exam techniques for bio that will invariably maximize marks if...
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    Is there such thing as too much historiography?? I understand that finding an argument in every point is the foremost concern therefore throwing quotes in without analysis is useless but is there a limit if you are using it correctly. For my study I pretty much have essay plans for each dot...
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    Could someone lend me some motivation.

    I’m running low. Three exams next week. Send help.
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    Hey, Just a quick question, for a source-based question, how many times should we quote or refer to the Source as per the marks given? Just trying to get a gauge to confirm before my test. Also any advice on power and authority answering source questions in general?? thanks
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    Is this in new syllabus? Tanks ADH may be useful for kidney stufss but Aldosterone I am puzzled? xD