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    IUPAC Naming (Nomenclature) for HSC - Help please

    Hey everyone, Idk how to name this: If anyone could name this, please tell me! :) (P.S. Is this even HSC level?)
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    Idk why I can't do this easy projectile motion question

    Hey guys, I was just doing the 2021 NEAP physics paper and I'm kinda confused about this question: I know that if there are 5 frames per second - this means that the interval between each frame is 0.2 seconds and since the first frame is just the starting frame, then the time of flight is: 14...
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    Vertical Circle Question - Please Help

    Hey Everyone, I was just doing a question from a physics paper based on vertical circles and I just don't understand this at all: I'd be awesome if someone could show the working required to get the answer because I'm seriously lost whenever it comes to vertical circles rip. Thank you very much.
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    Any Electrical Engineering students, please help me.

    Hey Everyone, I'm a HSC year 12 student and I am interested in studying electrical engineering at UNSW. I've been recently checking out the UNSW electrical engineering society website, and have found some study resources. I decided to check out some stuff that I might be doing next year, but...
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    How do you do this question? (2021 CSSA Ext1 Trials Q13c)

    Hey guys, can someone please do this question and provide a solution to this question? (please provide working)
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    How would you derive the cartesian equation for projectile motion?

    Hey guys, How would you derive the cartesian equation for projectile motion from the horizontal and vertical accelerations of the object? In other words, How would you derive the cartesian equation from this step: x double dot = 0 & y double dot = -g (assuming that upwards is positive)
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    HSC Physics MOD 5 (Advanced Mechanics) question - is there a mistake?

    I was practicing mod 5 (advanced mechanics), and I stumbled across this question: I put A - as it's just logical to think that as per Kepler's second law, an orbiting object covers the same area of space in the same amount of time no matter where it is in its orbit. Hence, if an object is in...
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    Is band 6 for physics/ chemistry even possible?

    Hey guys, I've recently got the "Success-One HSC Physics 2021 edition" and "Success-One HSC Chemistry 2021 edition". These two books have some past HSC papers with replacement questions. I've done a few papers for both subjects, and have been in a complete chaotic stressful state as I don't...
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    UNSW or UTS Engineering?

    Hey guys, I am curious to get some knowledge on the engineering courses in UNSW and UTS. I've heard good things about both universities in terms of engineering accomplishments. I personally have UNSW as my first UAC option, however I'm also considering UTS as a worthy back-up in case I don't...
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    English Advanced scaling

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what a raw mark of 50% in 'english advanced' would be aligned to?
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    HSC Chem and Physics Scaling

    Hey guys, I was curious on what a 65% raw mark in chem and a 75% raw mark in physics would be aligned to?
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    Scaling for Maths Ext 1 & 2

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what a 45% raw mark in maths ext 2 is (very bad) and a 75% raw mark in maths ext 1 would roughly get aligned to?