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  1. zaqwerty

    How often do you study?

    Most of my time during semester is dedicated to readings and/or assessments - these can be very time consuming. As exams approach you will have completed your assessments and can focus more on actual study for the exam. During the few weeks before exams I spend around 5 to 8 hours a day...
  2. zaqwerty

    Sage Thread

    When I started at Macquarie they had a day when you went in and organised your student ID/etc. and you also enrolled in classes.. Beware - if your last name is towards the end of the alphabet you probably won't get the classes you want because you will be one of the last ones to go in and enrol.
  3. zaqwerty

    Ver in results page

    I assume it's just a coincidence. But then again I have no idea what "ver" means.
  4. zaqwerty

    Results for semester 1/2010

  5. zaqwerty

    Results for semester 1/2010

    PSY246 - HD PSY247 - HD PSY234 - HD PSY224 - HD Worked hard for these marks, I'm soo happy :)
  6. zaqwerty

    Townsville + University.. Will it work?

    My boyfriend is in the army and is being transferred to Townsville at the end of next year. I would like to move with him but I'm not sure what I can do in regards to uni. By then I will have finished my 3rd year in my BPsych (Hons) at Macquarie Uni. I am thinking of doing my masters, not sure...
  7. zaqwerty

    Belonging - Harry Potter

    If you've had a lot of trouble trying to find some examples you should really pick a different text.. I'd assume it would be pretty easy to find examples in Harry Potter. What about the whole...
  8. zaqwerty

    Those red cups

    When I went to America last year we had a "red cup" party
  9. zaqwerty

    Sims 3 Expansion packs

    I paid about $30 for one and $50 for the other
  10. zaqwerty

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    So I've now heard of three different exams that have been evacutated due to the fire alarm...
  11. zaqwerty

    Sims 3 Expansion packs

    Worth it...?
  12. zaqwerty

    Advice please

    I agree that you should do both. Just plan out your time so you know exactly how much you have to do each week to have it done by the time your trials come around.
  13. zaqwerty

    How would you recommend to study for Visual Arts?

    I used to just go through the case studies we studied in class. You could always practice analysing some artworks. Or learn some big and beautiful words you could use to descripe works so you can shove them in to your answers. And I would recommend getting a really really really breif...
  14. zaqwerty

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    My hand hurts from writing.
  15. zaqwerty

    Wtf at library today

    I just find a table with one of those green slip things on it (because that means that they must have been gone for at least 15 mins) and I put their crap on the floor and take their desk. I've done it three times now and every single time it's been about an hour before they come back. They just...
  16. zaqwerty

    B Psychology At UNSW/Macquarie.

    I'm at Macquarie - my understanding (basically) is that we need to have an average mark of at least 70 across all core units.
  17. zaqwerty

    The Twilight saga - Like it or not?

    I hope the hype is over the films moreso than the books. Only because I find the books really boring. I got through the first and second but got my sister to tell me what happened after that. And they seem rushed. And the last book is ridiculous.
  18. zaqwerty

    Groovin' the Moo '10

    I'm going to the Maitland one. 8th of May
  19. zaqwerty

    Favourite study snack...?

    Dunkaroos! COMPLETELY forgot about them!
  20. zaqwerty

    Groovin' the Moo '10

    I'm pumped for it! Although kind of left accommodation to the last minute and only found some yesterday...