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    help with overall mark for unit

    if you get like 84.70 as the total for a unit, then does it get rounded up to 85?
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    Chemistry Question ://

    Stuck on this question :( A particular brand of 'cloudy ammonia' cleaner claims on the label 'not to contain more than 8% ammonia by volume' (that is 8% w/v). To investigate this claim, a 11.3451-g sample of the cloudy ammonia solution (density = 0.94437 g/mL) was added to a 200.0-mL...
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    Are some of F2F umat paper answers wrong?

    I swear some of the answers are suss af >_< Has anyone else experienced this?
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    The 2015 CRICKET World Cup Thread

    The Cricket World Cup is fast approaching! :D What are your predictions? Vote in the poll above :)
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    BOS Minecraft server?

    Hi guiisseee Is anyone interested in having a BOS Minecraft server? Vote on the poll btw :D
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    Is anyone going to UWS this year?

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    English and Economics Raw Marks

    English (Advanced) Paper 1 Comprehension: 14/15 Creative: 12/15 Essay: 14.5/15 Paper 2 Mod A: 16.5/20 Mod B: 19/20 Mod C: 13.5/20 Raw Exam Mark: 85/100 Aligned mark: 93 Economics MC: 17/20 Short answers 33/40 Question 26: 18/20 Question 28: 17.5/20 Raw Exam Mark: 86/100 Aligned mark: 90
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    | 98.05 | Tutoring: Chem (93) | Maths (93) | FREE FIRST LESSON |

    Hi guys! I completed my HSC in 2014 with an ATAR of 98.05 and am offering tutoring for Year 11 and 12 students in - Chemistry - 2 unit Mathematics - General Maths and Years 7 - 10 in - Maths - English - Science My HSC marks were: Chemistry: HSC mark externally...
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    If you ask for HSC exam recheck can your mark get lower?

    Like if you get a certain mark, but then after the recheck the marks calculated are lower (rather than higher), would you end up getting a lower mark? Thanks in advance :D
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    Selling Cheap HSC+Prelim textbooks | Chem | Eco | Maths| Business

    Chemistry 1)DOT POINT HSC Chemistry + Multiple Choice Questions by Marilyn Schell and Margaret Hogan -- $25 2) Conquering Chemistry HSC Course FOURTH EDITION Roland Smith -- $45 3) SUCCESS ONE Chemistry 2001 - 2013 Hsc papers and answers -- $30 4) TALENT 100 Chemistry Core...
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    Synonyms for Belonging!

    Let's exhaust all the possible synonyms and related words hehe I'll start: connections
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    Really bad creative

    Hey guys, My creative is quite bad lol. I have a storyline about belonging, but my wording and description is not that great :/ I have like one simile, 9 descriptive words, some dialogue and explanation of the plot. I literally have no sophistication in my vocab :( The story is written as flash...
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    Awaiting copyright - where do you find the whole paper with images?

    Hey guys so for the 2012 englihs paper 1 there's like so much copyright stuff waiting. Is there anywhere we can obtain the paper with all the images and extracts? Would be greatly appreciated :)) Thanks!
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    Just to clarify something about related...

    So people said here (faisalabdul16) that if you don't have a 2nd related for belonging, you can use the one from the comprehension section which is a pretty damn good idea, but are you 100% sure we can do this? Opinions thx :)))
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    2014 HSC English Predictions?

  16. enigma_1

    is there a technique for this?

    "the soldiers and sailors and nurses" when you use "and" all the time? thanks
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    Mod B - HSC Speeches predictions?

    Heyy peeps, so for the speeches like Sadat, Suu Kyi, Keating, Pearson, Deane, Bandler, Atwood - which speech do you guys reckon MAY be specified? Let's play a guessing game, lol. :) Also, can Bandler and Suu Kyi potentially be specified again? Lol I don't know much about Bandler's
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    Question about HSC Economics essays marking

    What is an attainable mark in this essay section? When I'm practicing papers, I'm doing okay-ish in MC and short answers, but with the essay part I dunno what mark my essays are equivalent to. Hence I can't determine my potential raw mark lol. Any ideas on what to do?
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    Esterification diagram: Bunsen burner or Hotplate?

    What do we draw? Coz the only diagram I've come across is the Bunsen burner one, BUT isn't it better to use hot plate coz of the volatile reactants and products/ so how should we draw it thx