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  1. icycledough

    Year 8 ICAS results?

    You should get it if they give you a hard-copy document of your results, usually, at the bottom of the sheet.
  2. icycledough

    ATAR Estimate please?

    It would help if you could provide Band 6 average rank on average over the last few years (available on HSCNinja)
  3. icycledough

    Will my internals get nuked?

    Everyone's probably too busy on schoolies or getting drunk at parties, lol. Definitely worth it considering how stress the last year has been for you guys.
  4. icycledough

    Year 8 ICAS results?

    I believe it's both; so your school should provide you hard copy documents of your results and if you log in, you can access it there as well.
  5. icycledough

    Purchasing UKCAT practice question books

    Keep in mind that in the actual exam, you will get a whiteboard marker type and a laminated booklet with 9 sheets of paper. So to further your preparation one step further, try attaining a laminated A4 booklet and practice with that. It's very different to using a pen and piece of paper.
  6. icycledough

    I got 17 out of 25 in my first HSC SOR1 assessment thats worth 30% and i'm ranked 33rd

    In all honesty, there's so many more factors to consider with regards to your 95+ ATAR aim: 1) How many people get a 95+ ATAR every year on average in your school? 2) How many people get a Band 6 in SOR1 (assuming you want to get a Band 6)? 3) Externals will contribute 50% of your ATAR. Right...
  7. icycledough

    What are some things you miss the most about high school? Do you have any lessons or advice to share based on experiences?

    I think definitely seeing a close group of friends every day was one of the best experiences about high school. It must have been awful for the 2021 cohort who were locked up at home most of the time. One tip I can give you (formally going into Year 12 next year) is to not treat it as a sprint...
  8. icycledough

    Purchasing UKCAT practice question books

    Just as an FYI, I wouldn't recommend practicing in a workbook. This is because the UCAT is now online (ever since they scrapped the UMAT from 2019 onwards). It is very different using a monitor screen to using a workbook; you have to be used to using an on-screen calculator, which is far simpler...
  9. icycledough

    Learning tutor for 9 year old boy or 12 year old girl?

    Would group tutoring be helpful for them or would they prefer a private tutor only?
  10. icycledough

    How on earth did you guys figure what to do in university?

    The great thing now you've finished your exams is that you have heaps of time to decide what you want to do in university. Speak to some friends, older friends, read forums online, potentially even ask teachers or a year advisor what career options you want to pursue in the future. It definitely...
  11. icycledough

    formal outfits 😫

    Damn ... 1300 to 300 is the biggest steal you could get.
  12. icycledough

    Need help in sketching complex inequations

    So as mentioned above, I think the only restriction would be z = i (so 1 unit above the origin on the y-axis), due to the denominator being zero. So you should just be able to put an open circle there, and go about it how you normally would.
  13. icycledough

    formal outfits 😫

    Which store did you end up getting it from, btw?
  14. icycledough

    Football discussion thread

    To be honest, the group stage games in UCL aren't really that fun to watch. It's only the knockout games which will be far better to watch (4 Premier League teams, Bayern, PSG, Juventus, etc). Honestly though, I see another all English final (Liverpool, City or Chelsea); they just have far too...
  15. icycledough

    Football discussion thread

    Yh, for his standards anyway, he played well. Surely with the new manager, he sees something in Donny and gives him full games, instead of 5 minutes during injury time every game like Ole.
  16. icycledough

    formal outfits 😫

    Last year, I was able to get mine from DFO in Homebush from a store called Tarocash, but depending on where you live, it may be far away for you. If you do live in the Inner West by chance, I would also recommend going to the tailoring store in Westfield Burwood (don't know the name), where they...
  17. icycledough

    Football discussion thread

    Yh, true, had so many moments. The first Arsenal goal (which the Man United were complaining about, but is a legitimate goal; I believe they only stop games for head injuries and it was De Gea's own player, Fred, who had stepped on him, so not Arsenal's fault), a penalty which could have gone to...
  18. icycledough

    Best place to sell notes and essays?

    Why not use BoS, where you are now? There may be a greater chance for people to want your notes as there is a massive community here.
  19. icycledough

    How much time did everyone spend listening to music this year?

    Not that much to be fair ... only around 25,000mins. But some of the numbers I've seen are crazy ... in excess of like 200,000mins
  20. icycledough

    Football discussion thread

    Trying to revive the chat, but how good is it that the Premier League have squeezed more frequent games through this month and January? I can't be asked having to go through 2 week international breaks which just ruin the flow for every team?