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    government/legislation question???

    What did u guys put for the question which asked about government/legislation regarding working conditions? I put OH&S but couldn't think of any others!
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    Not enough room?

    Does anyone else agree that there wasn't enough space to write a decent, well structured answer? I found it bloody hard 2 fit everything in & ended up writing all down the sides of the pages with arrows pointing everywhere!!!
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    Genetics option

    Did we have to actually have to talk about genes & evolutionary relationships, or just how we processed & analysed the data?
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    Can u be accepted for more than one uni course?

    Can u be accepted in for more than one uni course?
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    Medical science as a preference?

    Did anyone list medical science as one of their preferences at UWS. I did & I noticed the UAI needed is heaps lower than unis like Sydney (90+), while UWS is sumthing like 66.6. I wonder why?...