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    Examination Response (And subsequently Raw Results, Results Check)

    Evening All, Just enquiring as to whether someone can help me with the exact location for purchasing a 2016 Examination Response (for my younger sibling). I am on Students Online. I have done the following Go to My Details > Results Services - But can't seem to see the link to purchase...
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    Legal rights of Ownership VS rights of Possession

    Evening All, Could someone please explain to me the legal rights of Ownership and how they differ to the right of possession? Thanks for your help in advance. :) Smile :)
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    Advice on Tax Returns

    Evening All, I'm new to completing a Tax Return.... Could anyone give me some advice on completing/submitting a Tax Return please?? :) Tips/ Hints etc would be appreciated. :) Thanks in advance. Regards, Smile
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    English Tutors

    Hello All :) I have compiled a list of all those offering English Tutoring (to save you scrolling through the all the posts). 2014 HSC Graduates: * Erique -...
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    Themes capitalised?

    Hello All. :) When referring to themes in a prescribed text, do you capitalise them? Thanks. Smile. :)
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    Solving Trig. Functions??

    Evening All Could someone please help me with the following questions? Solve for 0 <= x <= 2 \pi * 7 sin 3x - 7 = 0 * cot^2 x = 3 Thanks in advance. :) Smile. :)
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    Word Limit!??!

    Evening All I was just wondering if anyone knew how many words one could go over the word limit without being penalised?? I presume it would probably be different for each school - is there a certain % of words that you can go without being penalised?? And should the school have...
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    Integration with Trig...

    Afternoon All How do you do the following questions? I know you integrate and then sub in each x value...... 1. \int^{\pi}_{\frac{\pi}{2}} \sin\frac{x}{2} dx 2. \int^{\frac{\pi}{2}}_{0} \cos 3x dx Thanks in advance. :)
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    Small Angle Q.... Please. :)

    Hello All Could someone please assist me with the following: 'Given that the wingspan of an aeroplane is 30m, find the plane's altitude to the nearest metre if the wingspan subtends an angle of 14' when it is directly over head..." Thanks in advance. :) Smile. :)
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    Loan Repayments Q (No repayments for 6 mths of time)

    Hello All Could someone please help me with the following: 'A store offers furniture on hire purchase at 20% p.a. over 5 years, with no repayments for 6 months. Ali buys furniture worth $12000. What are the monthly repayments?' Thanks in advance. :)
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    Applications of Series Q

    Hello All Could someone please help me with the following question: "Water evaporates from a pond at an average rate of 7% each week." "What percentage is left after 15 weeks?" Thanks for your help in advance. :) Cheers Smile
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    Resume Writing - Correct/Appropiate Order

    Hello All (those who have gone before me, experienced with writing resumes).... I am about to start writing my first resume. :) Is anyone able to share with me, the structure of the resume they used? Any general rules/ tips you could share with me??? Thanks for your assistance in...
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    Integrating question!??!?!

    Hello All... :) Could someone please help me with the following question step by step?? Find the exact value of: \int^{2}_{0} e^{3x-4} $dx$ Thanks in advance. :)
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    Question - Logs and Exponentials??

    Hello All... :) Could someone please assist me with the following questions? 1. Use a calculator to find, to 2 d.p where appropriate the approximate value of: a) lim h--> 0 \left (\frac{10^h - 1}{h} \right ) 2. Find the value of k, correct to 3 d.p if: ln k = 1.9. Thanks for your help...
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    Q - Combined Area??

    Hello All If I have the line y = 5x + 4 and the parabola y = (x - 4)^2 How do I find the area between the x axis (on the bottom), the y axis (on the LH side), y = 5x + 4 (on the top) and the parabola on the RH side?? Hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance. :)
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    Question - Use of trapezoidal rule

    Hello All. :) Could someone please show me the steps for the following question? 'Use one application of the trapezoidal rule to approximate: \int^{4}_{2} \frac{1}{x} dx Thanks in advance. :)
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    Question - How to get this...Equation to normal???

    Hello All... :) Could someone please help me with the following question?? $The normal to the curve y $ = \frac{1}{8}x^2 $ at P $ (2, \frac{1}{2} ) $ meets the curve again at Q. Find the co-ordinates of Q.$ Thanks in advance. :)
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    2014 HSC Timetable release??

    Hello All :) I know this is probably thinking a bit far ahead but..... When is the 2014 HSC Timetable released?? On the Board of Studies it says 'Term 2 of your HSC year' ... Is this Term 1 2014 - Seeing though Term 4 was Year 12??? Thanks in advance. :):):)
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    QQ - S.P

    Hello All... 'Consider the curve given by y = 2x^3 - \frac{1}{2}x^2 where -2\le x \le 5.' 'a) Find the stationary points and determine their nature'. I've got the two stationary points at x = 0 and x = 1/6... But something I'm doing is wrong from there... Thanks for your help in advance. :)
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    QQ - X Intercept

    Hello All... How do I find the x intercept for y = 2x^3 + 3x^2 - 12x + 8 Then to find the intercept I've put y = 0... OR? Thanks heaps :D