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    How do i lose 15kg in 2 months?

    in total that adds up to 1000 calories so if i exercise 2 hours i will be losing 1000 calories indicating i have consumed nothing that day so will i be able to lose weight
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    How do i lose 15kg in 2 months?

    hey I'm female, 17 weigh 75kg and my goal weight is to be 60kg I'm 165cm this is what I'm starting to eat: breakfast= cornflakes with skim milk lunch= toast 1 tablespoon of peanut butter with banana and apple dinner= green beans with sweet pepper or sometimes just a salad with breast...
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    Atar Estimate?

    if you enter those marks in the ATAR calculator it gives a estimate of a very low mark
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    Ipt 2014

    any predictions ??? what topic do you dislike/like the most
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    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    Wth was shoehorn !!! Module c was amazing, b was okay
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    Whats your related text???

    I Think they're going to ask for two related text :jaw drop: so what do you have in mind ??
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    EXAM timetable

    horrible, i finish my exams in the first 2 weeks :(
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    last ATAR estimate :)

    english standard: 11/61 biology: 19/36 CAFS: 16/71 IPT: 2/14 Business studies: 11/28 school rank: 550 :0 Thanks :) btw if someone got e.g 2nd in biology but got a mark of 50 however last year the person 2nd received a mark of 89, will that change the current person mark? and if so...
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    new way of calculating ATAR

    take a joke can't you tell I'm trolling bruh
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    new way of calculating ATAR

    over the moon fun
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    new way of calculating ATAR

    Lol i know its stupid but its just a weird theory not a fact :P
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    new way of calculating ATAR

    this is kinda funny, but i think this is how they find your ATAR lol it sounds silly but wateva e.g you come 4 out of 35 students put this in your calculator 4/35 x 100 = 11.4 11.4 - 100 = 88.5 lol do that for all your subjects and than plus all the numbers and divide by total of subject...
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    ATAR calculation based on trial results

    Hey, i put your marks in the ATAR calculator and it says 77.65%
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    UAC ????

    oh, so its trying to say that you are eligible for the course i.e. having 10 or more units and the competitive bit is saying that this course has high demands oh okay, thanks
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    UAC ????

    :O :( is it the same on your preferences?
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    UAC ????

    Hey, so i put in my preferences a week ago and today i checked to make sure everything was okay and i saw under all my 6 courses that i put in, they had this in bold, green 'Eligible - subject to being competitive.' what does it mean??? does it mean that lots of people have chosen the...
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    Updated Raw Marks Database (sortable excel file)

    Hey, for IPT it says 65, what does that mean?
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    Business studies essay!

    Explain how the strategic role of marketing impacts the marketing processes used by business ??? What is the question asking you to do, it doesn't make sense can someone please clarify the question for me, really appreciated.
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    Cafs 2014

    How was the trial paper?
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    how was the exam question ?