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    Um. All tutes are full? Will they open the reserved ones?
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    Art & Design

    How do Universities go about providing the materials you need? E.g. markers etc. Do you need to buy them all yourself, or are you provided with them? Particularly Bachelor of Design UWS...
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    Textbook List Release?

    When do the textbook lists get released and wear can you find them? UWS specifically.
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    What to Buy?!

    What in gods name should I buy. Doing Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) at UWS. Laptop or notepads for lectures?
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    Defer or Not

    If i haven't decided whether to defer or not how do i go about accepting the offer? If i accept it can i change to defer later or wtf?
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    Visual Communications

    Hello, Who's doing Visual Communications? Any tips, examples of your work, textbooks we will need etc. Basically interested in everything about this course!
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    Time to repsond?

    Hey, How long do we have to respond to our main round offer before it lapses? UWS specfically.
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    Ok, so i tried to log on to UWS OSCAS. I got this message, any thoughts? In or not?
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    VET Certificate

    So, if we have done a VET course when do we get our final certificate? :thrust:
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    Artworks Back

    So, who's got their artworks back? The 3 people in my class all got theirs yesterday.
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    Misreading the Timetable

    A chick in my class missed the Maths exam because she thought it was on Thursday. Just wondering what's the go with this, it says "Contact your principal immediately". Does this mean a 0 for her, or some kind of appeal/misadventure?
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    School Ranking + Atar

    So my schools rank is 636; and my marks are as below. I do distance education for 3 subjects. Adv. English: 11/20 Modern History: 16/20 IT: 2/10 Food Technology: 1/5 Art: 2/3 I'm fucked aren't I.
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    Exams by Yourself

    Anybody going to be in any exams by themselves? I have Modern History all by my lonesome. :uhoh: 2 people will be in IT including myself. 3 people will be in Art including Myself. 5 people will be in Food Tech including Myself. :uhoh::uhoh:
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    Did anyone's supervisors actually check equipment? Ours made us have our watches on the desk and phones on a table in the room and that was it. They didn't make us remove water bottle labels or anything.
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    Pens Down

    Pens Down. What does that mean specifically? No more writing what so ever or just none of the work section. Had a girl in my year continue writing her student numbers/centre numbers after they said it. They all rushed over telling her to stop but she continued.
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    Atar of 65.

    How difficult is this to achieve? ---- I really want to go to UWS. I will already get some from EAS because our school is so shit. I do distance education for 3 subjects. Adv. English: 11/20 Modern History: 16/20 IT: 2/10 Food Technology: 1/5 Art: 2/3 Am i fucked?!