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  1. koreafantasy

    2x CDJ 850s + DJM750 vs Serato Controller?

    which DJ setup is best? Pros and Cons? Im stuck on which one to get.
  2. koreafantasy

    EAS Applicationtach

    How do i know if my bonus point EAS application was successful? when i was handing my application in at the uac office, i remember telling me a date where they email me or something, and i specifically remember that date being the week of stereo.. but stereo has long passed and i havent got...
  3. koreafantasy

    Atar too low?

    What happens if i don't get any of my preferences? How can i get into a specific course at a specific uni? can i do some uni prep course, pass those units, then xfer into my desired course? (i wanna go macquarie). legit so scared that i wont get my desired atar (85-86 or 76-77 if i get all my...
  4. koreafantasy

    Opinion on UMAT Test Style

    a) An IQ test where they measure your raw, natural talent and intelligence, and you cannot do anything to improve it? (like you were born straight and can't turn gay no matter how hard to try. Intelligence is a trait you are born with.) OR b) An exam where practise gets you far. Like the...
  5. koreafantasy


    SO, WHOS GOING???? or are you all into that capitalistic, corrupt k-pop (poor girls being forced to present themselves in a certain way) and lilwayne/flo rida/pitbull etc commercial bullshit.
  6. koreafantasy

    Game of Thrones SPECULATIONS o3o

    Post your retarded but original theories on how the show might end As the books are called 'a song of ice and fire', i imagine QUEEN daenerys (she wins the iron throne just before the last season) with her dragons and unsullied (armed with dragonglass) taking on the whitewalkers with their...
  7. koreafantasy

    What Related Texts are you doing?

    Im doing For Belonging- 1984 Movie adaptation For Mod C conflicting perspectives- Game of Thrones o3o
  8. koreafantasy

    Tips for increasing Bench Press Weight

    I'm currently doing 3 sets of 6 reps of 47.5kg (27.5kg plates and 20kg bar), and consider it very very weak for an 18 year old -_- Do i increase the weight and do less reps, or do i keep what i do now? (Only started to get into lifting about 5 months ago and didnt start learning the bench...
  9. koreafantasy

    Uni Course for a Career in Music Production

    Hi What uni course can help me prepare for a career in music production and DJing? I have good musical background with amus in piano, so what I really need is the technicals- how to work the AV equipment, the entertainment business etc.