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  1. jenga218

    Amazing Grace as a Romanticism Related Text?

    So my teacher gave us a list of suggested related texts for Romanticism, and the 2007 film "Amazing Grace" was on the list. Since I absolutely loved the movie, I thought I'd attempt it. I'm finding some aspects of Romaticism in it really easily: Wilber's love and appreciation for nature, how it...
  2. jenga218

    Continuity and Change - What country?

    We're doing Indonesia as a case study...we were late getting started because for the first four weeks we had a student teacher. But we're moving really quickly now and hopefully we'll get enough done before the holidays. :)
  3. jenga218

    Welcome & Roll Call - Class of 2010

    Hi, I'm Jane :P Subjects in my sig, as usual ;)
  4. jenga218

    ENGLISH - "Belonging" Assessment Help

    For our assesment task, we have to write a narrative based on a related visual image. It'd be easy if I'd settled with the first picture that inspired me. But instead, my best friend and I are all over everyone's facebook pictures trying to find the perfect picture. Once I do that, the...
  5. jenga218

    Visual Image Related Text

    So my teacher wants us to have a visual related text for one of our assignments - does anyone have any they want to share, or know of any good sites where I can find some. I've searched the major ones - Google Images, Flickr, etc., and I'm looking through some pictures that a very artistic...
  6. jenga218

    Who else has no motivation?

    Ditto! There's also Roller Coaster Kingdom, Cafe World, and Restaurant City. My best friend is limiting me to three games on Facebook. If she sees me on anything else, she'll be sure to have a go at me. I don't think I'd be doing anything school-related if I hadn't had a speech for society last...
  7. jenga218

    for those doing 10 units...

    Well, I'm doing 10 units. I don't think I could do any more. My school tried to convince us all to do 12. So I mentioned to my Dad that I was considering keeping General Maths, because the school, and my maths teacher, "strongly recommended it". He was just like "Don't listen to them. I did 12...
  8. jenga218

    Early mornings, or late nights?

    Ditto. All the same, me & my PIP are doomed.
  9. jenga218

    Early mornings, or late nights?

    When you have an assignment due that you may have put off or not had the chance to work on, do you find you get more work done when you stay up until all hours of the night, or when you get up early in the mornings? I prefer late nights. I'm not pushing a time limit as badly then - in the...
  10. jenga218

    why english is compulsary

    Oh yes. I had a very traditional French teacher in Year 7 who had us breaking down sentences and identifying each word's role in the construction of a sentence...I can't remember half of it but it was really hard and bored me to tears. It also had me scared stiff as to what high school French...
  11. jenga218

    why english is compulsary

    I would positively die if Chemistry were to become compulsory. :P
  12. jenga218

    Future Plans (UAI/Uni/Tafe/Job)

    I honestly don't have any concrete plans. (Good heavens, I don't even know what country I'll be living in!) I'm aiming for a UAI of about 80, because that's somewhat doable (99.95? I feel sorry for you people! :rolleyes: haha, jokes!). I'm thinking I might try for a bachelor of Social work, or...
  13. jenga218

    why english is compulsary

    Why english is compulsory: So that people can learn how to write properly. I thought this would be a thread telling me why English is compulsory, not just someone else wingeing about it. :P "Why is English compulsory?" should be the title of the thread, doorknob...
  14. jenga218

    how many guys vs girls do society and culture?

    Wow, I definitely hadn't even considered Society & Culture to be a female-dominated subject before. Quite obviously it is... My class has seven boys and twelve girls, which is a relatively even split, as far as I'm concerned. And the top mark went to a guy, and a guy and a girl tied for 2nd on...
  15. jenga218

    2010 s&c kids

    Yeah, I'm still thinking of doing the comparison of Westernized cultures. But I'm also wondering if (again somewhat based on personal experience) I should do something on immigration. I think that one might have been a bit more than the first one, though. My class was very inconveniently given...
  16. jenga218

    Competition at your school

    My Geography teacher was doing that. I dropped Geography because of her... The competition at my school is unspoken. I'd say over half the year doesn't really care, but for us who do care, there is competition. The school captain who got #1 in all her classes is one of my best friends, and...
  17. jenga218

    "Study" Periods.

    I only have 10 units, and when they handed me my brand new timetable, I technically had 30 free periods a fortnight. That count includes the 5 "Period 0"s that start at 8 am (which I obviously don't get up for when I don't have them) and the 8 after-school peroids that no one ever sticks around...
  18. jenga218

    How many units do you do? Anyone do 14+?

    My school tried to convince us to do 12 units. And I almost did. But my dad told me to just do 10, and that it'd be a waste of time to do any more. I am confident in the subjects I am doing (Except maybe Extention English. I love the class but I'm not very good at it), and I don't tend to take...
  19. jenga218

    13 years of our lives leading up to this moment..

    I think I will have to bookmark this thread to keep me going next year. Great rant!
  20. jenga218

    Farewell Year 11

    That's a joke, right? Tonight my parents suggested we rent a movie, since we weren't doing anything exciting. And I had to think about whether or not I had any schoolwork due XD. It's like, I can't get my mind off school, and these are like, the very last totally carefree holidays...I know...