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  1. J

    Getting into USYD Law with 99.25

    I was wondering if it is possible to get into USYD Law with a UAI a few points lower than the required 99.55/99.60 without any EAS or bonus points?? If so, do I need to apply for anything?? I've heard that the cut off scores published are sometimes higher that what is actually required, is this...
  2. J

    Campbeltown, Macarthur Area Tutor for High School Students - 09' - 10' HSC

    My name is Jonathan and I just finished the 2008 HSC I am offering tutoring to commence at any time in the following HSC subjects. - Economics (1st Rank - 96%) - Physics (2nd Rank 89%) - Chemistry (2nd Rank 90%) - Mathematics (Advanced, Extension 1) (1st Rank 97%, 2nd Rank 84%) And for...
  3. J

    ANU - Economics

    Everyone around these forums seems to think that USYD and UNSW are the best universities for business, eco and commerce, but isn't ANU Australia's highest ranking university?? Why are the entry requirements so low there and why isnt it as highly regarded by most people despite its top ranking??
  4. J

    UNSW Interview Questions

    Now that we've been offered interviews, should we be preparing for them in any way? anyone who's done an interview before, what are some main questions they ask and is training worth it??
  5. J

    4U Marks

    Hey just wondering how u guys are goin in 4U at the moment and ur marks for assessments so far. These are mine: 1st Assessment: 78% 2nd Assessment: 68% Half Yearly: 57% *ps: does anyone else notice a trend in my marks... :p