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    STAT3011 / STAT3911 Stochastic Processes and Time Series

    Moving to Usyd for honours in Physics and was thinking of taking Stochastic Processes and Time Series as we're allowed to take Maths units. I'm interested in the course contact but need to make sure I get an HD. I got HDs in all second year maths courses I took (Multivariable Calculus...
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    Long Response on Standard Model for Quanta to Quarks

    In 2009 they asked a six marker on the Standard model and as of yet I don't know 6 marks worth on it (maybe like 3-4). What are the chances of them doing a long response on it again or is likely to be something more common?
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    Worried about some motors and generators stuff

    Due to contradictions in information from both HSC and textbooks I just want to clear a few things up. For the purpose of the HSC are eddy currents formed with a copper tube with a slit in it? (there was a HSC MC that said they didn't yet there was a HSC long response that said they did. I know...
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    Orbital Velocity

    So I was talking to my friend and he asked me what is orbital velocity of a geostationary satellite relative to. I said the axis of the earth which is considering stationary but he's not satisfied. I thought that a particle undergoing centripetal motion is relative to the centre of the...
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    Whats the technique?

    "Writing, writers" I know there's some technique when two consecutive words are almost the same but are slightly different. Whats it called?
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    Q18 2011

    Can someone do the working for it. I keep getting 122g
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    Can you go exchange to universities that are not partner universities?

    If so what are the differences in the processes of applications
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    What technique for this quote

    “a nation of warriors and fanatics thinking the same thoughts, shouting the same slogans…. three hundred million people all with the same face" What technique should I say for this quote?
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    Trial / Practice Questions for Representing People and Politics

    Can people please post their Trial essay questions for Representing People and Politics?
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    Trial / Practice Questions for Speeches

    Can people please post their Trial essay questions for Speeches?
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    Trial / Practice Questions from 1984 / Metropolis

    Can people please post their Trial essay questions for 1984/Metropolis?
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    Perms and Coms Dilemma

    There are 4 mice (A, B, C and D) and 5 exits each mouse has an equal chance of exiting any of the exits and behaves independently Total no. of ways mice can exit = 5^4=625 But when I went through each of the different cases I got a different total no. of ways. Can someone please tell me what I...
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    Physics Multiple Choice Questions

    Can someone please help me on these
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    PEM 2014 Trial Solutions

    Does anyone have the solutions to last years PEM trial. My teacher gave me the paper but not the solutions?
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    Should I drop SDD?

    I go to a school usually in the 70's rankwise I'm rank 1 in software (out of 15-20) narrowly but that's mainly because I get 100% in every single assignment. In the exams I usually get just under 90% but I don't study for software except for night before because its easier than my other...