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    Buying acct1501 & econ1101

    Hi! I'm interested in buying: -Principles of Microeconomics 3ED, Frank Jennings Bernanke -Financial Accounting An Integrated Approach 4ED/5ED, Trotman Gibbins Carson Please feel free to PM me, or reply via this thread :) Thanks
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    ARC membership

    Hi guys, just a random question....in order to join ARC I thought it would be done through O-week but then I looked through their website and there was this online application form to fill out. Do I become a member of ARC through O-week or do I fill out this form...
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    Which dual commerce degree should I do?

    Initially I at the start of my HSC I made the decision to just do a single commerce degree at UNSW but I've talked to a few people throughout the year who've recommended that a double commerce degree is better because everyone is doing commerce and you need to differentiate yourself from the...
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    Cotton On

    Hey guys, since HSC has finished I was looking for a job and had no idea whether possible candidates needed any previous experience, or is it not necessay for Cotton On? Your help is much appreciated!
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    extremely confused!

    hey im doing julius caesar for this module and was wondering if Fahrenheit 9/11 would be a good related text? but i thought the related texts needed to have two differing perspectives within them, not just a one-sided biased view? any answers?
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    studying new hsc syllabus

    im doing the hsc in 2012 and its the first year that is based on the new syllabus and would really like some tips on how to study effectively in order to get a band 6 - can i still do past papers even though the syllabus has changed? - and i've read other threads where they always put emphasis...
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    which country to choose for national studies

    hey currently im in year 12 and we've nearly finished WW1, and there are two modern classes which are going to be either russia or germany so i have to choose, but i dont know which one's better and i like both! so any tips on which one is more interesting...?
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    related text aos - belonging

    I'm currently looking for related texts for my area of study and need help in choosing a poem. Please tell me which one is a better text to use: 1. Mending wall - Robert Frost or 2. We are going - Kath Walker Thanks