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    What's so good about law?

    What's so good about law?
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    Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    yea triple majors can be attained from commerce (liberal studies)
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    MQ: "Easy to get in, hard to get out" ??

    easy to get into the course but hard to graduate~ (esp in some 1st yr courses where I heard that there's around 30% failure rate) :S
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    Anyone keen for Macquarie?

    I heard their Actuarial Studies Courses are better than UNSW~ Can anyone confirm that?
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    Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    Commerce (Liberal Studies) - Actuarial Studies I am planning to major in Actuarial Studies and swaying between other majors: Mathematics & Statistics and Finance. Any suggestions on which combinations are most useful? All advice welcome. :)
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    2008 1st Year Computing.

    thnx but what about the COMP1911? is that very maths related?
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    Finance with Maths

    What does studying hard mean? Does it incorporate: - sleepless nights - cramming everyday of ur life - do exercises non-stop - no life (like what Sachi warned on the 1st day of actl2002 :S) in the future (or even now)...
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    Should I stay in MATH1151/Actuarial?

    I only did Ext 1 and have not failed in math1151/1251... (I did not even meet the requirements of 2U + 3U = 140) Like the person above said, if you study really hard you can still get really good results. (and I'm not saying I got very good results from not doing 4U...)
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    2008 1st Year Computing.

    hey any recommendations for comp courses that are really math/fins/actl related?
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    Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

    hey i'm doing Commerce (Liberal Studies) atm and probably do 3 majors: Actuarial Studies, Finance and Mathematics (stats) not sure if it's a great idea.. but it's 5 yrs for me if i'm doing the 3 majors... any suggestions of study plans? i heard actl2002 can be replaced by math2901/math2801...
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    actuarial exemptions

    does any know which courses or majors that go well with actuarial studies? so far i'm planning on majoring in Actuarial Studies, Finance and maybe Mathematics as well thnx
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    spirited away

    I wanna do spirited away as well but i can't find much to relate to inner journeys besides the fact that chihiro matured into a girl that's not timid and afriad to do what she thinks is right. And also that she became more independent and confident in herself. Neone has ne more suggestions? I...
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    Related text for Life is Beautiful

    Anyone have any ideas of related texts for the film, Life is Beautiful? I can't seem to find any suitable ones that can related to both Inner Journeys AND Life is Beautiful.
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    16 Year olds doing the HSC

    wow! some pplz are so smart *sigh* unfortunately i'm one of the average ones <<shruggs>> :P but there's also some pplz doing the HSC when their 19 or over at my school
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    Related text

    I'm currently doing Bruce Dawe's Poetry. Does any one has some idea on good related texts on any of his poems? any help is much appreciated
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    General Statement

    When we write an essay on this module A: Experience Through Language is it necessary to have a general statement about it in the intro?
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    Rank your subjects

    Most Enjoyable to Least Enjoyable 1. Biology 2. Economics 3. Physics 4. English 5. Chemistry 6. Maths (2U + 3U) Strongest to Weakest 1. Economics 2. Maths (2U + 3U) 3. Biology 4. Chemistry 5. Physics 6. English
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    Standard or Advance?

    rumour has it that: it's almost impossible to get band 6 in standard english but it's more possible in advance english... So which is more preferable? I'm only average for advance in my school. Should I drop to standard because it's easier? I might not be able to get band 6 in adavance so...
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    what do u mean pointless?!
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    ??? do u automatically get 100% in 2U exam?