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    NSW HSC Students Online

    Hi, i'm not sure if this is in the right section but is anyone else having trouble accessing their school assessment ranks online??
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    Raw Mark of 82?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows what a raw mark of 82 would align to?
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    Crime Essay Question (15 marker)

    Hey, Could someone please tell me what you would include in a question that asked to 'Evaluate the effectiveness of penalties' or any other most likely question? (i am just trying to predict what the question will be, and young offenders seems like the only easy question to me :/) Thanks a...
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    Conflicting Perspectives Related Texts ! :)

    Hey guys, I really didn't like the texts I used for trials so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good and easy to write about related texts for CP? If it helps, my core text was Julius Caesar. Thanks :)