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  1. lourai*87

    working with animals

    Hopefully someone can assist... and also that I've put this in the right spot :) I've been looking into this for quite some time.. I'm not at all interested in the agricultural/production side of things, rather the animal welfare, handling and interaction aspects + research. I know there...
  2. lourai*87

    grey background in pdf

    Please help.. ive tried everything i can think of. Every pdf document i print out (journal articles mainly) has the background a really light grey and doesn't reach the edges of the page... this never used to happen. Its a waste of ink and is giving me the shits. Is there anything i can do...
  3. lourai*87

    New Zealand - contiki?

    Im looking at going over there at the end of this year on my own, and was wondering if anyone's done any of the Contiki tours.. Im really bad at organising and deciding what to do, so id like some sort of pre-planning as well as some people to talk to lol. There are a few other independent...
  4. lourai*87

    editing software for voice recording

    Hello.. hopefully someone can help me.. I have recorded some lectures using my mp3... and despite putting it at the front of the room closer to the lecturer than everyone else, all the "background" noises (door shutting, chairs scraping, coughing, etc) are very pronounced but the lecturers...
  5. lourai*87

    Firefox slow to start

    Hi.. this is bugging me. I would guess that Firefox takes about 3 minutes to open once i've clicked the quick launch icon (i.e. desktop background is all i see for that time.. once it opens, pages load fine). I have done all the stuff like removing programs from startup, msconfig, virus...
  6. lourai*87

    winter wedding?

    I have been searching for ages.. im going to a wedding next month and its going to be absolutely freezing.. So what can i wear!!? My idea at the moment is a long-sleeved dress (knee length), one of those knit ones, with boots and a scarf + coat... But i cant really find any pics of what im...
  7. lourai*87

    2 questions

    1. Special consideration -- I have been told my circumstances have been noted for further assessment. What does this mean!!? I requested to re-sit, but are they wanting more evidence or are they going to see how shit i did in the other exam (there were 2 final exams, one i applied for the...
  8. lourai*87

    friendship tension..

    Ok, so my original was too long. - Friend of 4 years, close for 1 or 2 - she is kinda ditzy, but mostly just very uncomplex - we get along great one-on-one and i like hanging out with her - in groups she is different -> often doesnt think before she does things & is irritating other...
  9. lourai*87

    Two Twisted

    I couldn't find a thread on this. Its on Monday nights on channel 9 (i think) So has anyone watched it? Its been on for two weeks already, two half hour episodes that are somehow linked. Its a follow-on from "Twisted Tales" apparently. Oh i may as well link it: Here
  10. lourai*87

    Balancing equations containing hydrated compounds

    Ok, so im a uni student but i guess this is something someone mihgt be able to help with. Normal equations are fine..but take one containing this for example: FeC2O4.2H2O Ok, so there are : Fe 1 C 2 O 6 H 4 If i were to put a 2 in front of the Fe, does this affect the whole...
  11. lourai*87

    powerpoint -> PDF

    Not sure how to do this, but there must be a way! All my lecture notes are as a ppt slide show, and for certain subjects thats how they open up... then i print them as handouts, which is a pain in the ass cos i want 3 per page and also double sided -- so i have to put all the slide numbers i...
  12. lourai*87

    Where can i get a winter jacket!!!?

    I need a winter jacket!!! This is probably the closest thing i can find to the idea of the style im looking at. Any ideas? ie stores...i think my local area is seriously lacking. I dont necessarily want 'budget'...although nothing too excessive either. Thats about it, thanks =)
  13. lourai*87


    Just curious if there are any other NUDIs out there :p
  14. lourai*87

    Hotmail with Firefox

    Ok, well i decided to make a new thread after all. When i open Hotmail with firefox, i cant get text formatiing and my favourites list is ridiculous. In IE, it just has the contact name and is just the standard hyperlink, but in FF, it is the contact name followed by the entire email...
  15. lourai*87


    I dont know if this is HSC or not, but hopefully someone can help anyway. Its for Uni, but with any luck there might be someone... *hopes* Ok, we are putting NH4NO3 with water, measuring some temperatures and then calcualting "enthalpy change for dissolution of ammonium nitrate using spec...
  16. lourai*87

    Subject not related to degree?

    Hey, im not sure if anyone will be able to advise here, but ill ask anyway: I am doing Nutrition and Dietetics...40 units this semester, 40 next. None of them are electives and i dont have option for electives. ok, so with that background...is there any way of me doing French? Not a...
  17. lourai*87

    Book List

    Is anyone else having trouble with the site http://www.ucb.net.au/ Is there an alternative? Spose its not urgent, but i'd still like to have a look-see. Thanks
  18. lourai*87

    So annoyed!!

    You can close and delete this if you like, but i feel need to say - i just spent forever typing something up and left for a little while in between. i finished typing and when i came to post my reply it said i had to log in again. And then it says that there is an invalid link and to notify an...
  19. lourai*87

    C:\recycler ???

    What is this..and how do i know its gone? AdAware detected it, with a rating of 8 or something. Also, i have removed blockchecker so many times but MS antispyware keeps detecting it there even though theres no way i have dowloaded it again.
  20. lourai*87

    Spybot - bad checksum?

    Every time i try to dowload updates for Spybot it tells me "bad checksum". This has been going on for months, hence Spybot hasnt been updated for as long. Whats the prob, and do i have to uninstall it and then d/l the whole thing again?