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  1. JhK89

    Dorms at UWS, Penrith campus?

    its small i think... i think there are several but the one i went to u share the house with like 3 other people and u get a room to urself fits one bed a small closet and a study table also u get free wireless net there and speeds are realy fast ;) but not sure how much rent is also with...
  2. JhK89


  3. JhK89

    Should I Do The Chemistry Bridging Course?

    my friend who went said they pretty much teach u everything u need to know at the course
  4. JhK89

    2008 Transfers!! =]

    Current: Engineering @ UWS Now: Engineering / Science at UNSW
  5. JhK89

    Bridging + engineering

    wasnt the bridging courses at uws for engineering free? and yeah ^ what the said above take the bridging course in ME1 we do stuff from 2 unit to 4 unit
  6. JhK89

    wireless networks..

    uws wireless rocks its free and fast :D
  7. JhK89

    what is your major ?

    Engineering - TBA
  8. JhK89

    Help Me Engineers!!!

    lol which module would you be in?
  9. JhK89

    On the topic of University Transfers...

    thats the course i want to transfer to @ unsw are you talking bout unsw?
  10. JhK89

    Is Tafe really so much easier?

    actually i really dont know im guessing that tafe basically will teach the stuff but in a different way also mayb over a longer period of time which may make it harder or easier to various people...?
  11. JhK89


    nah i am a first year at my uni i think u just need a high band 5 or band 6 and if you take a bridging course u'll be fine
  12. JhK89

    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    VAIO ftw
  13. JhK89


    as in uws they are doing a common first year if i was to transfer to aeronautical at unsw or syd i wouldnt have to repeat... usually?
  14. JhK89


    I heard from one of the other students at uws that if u tranfer either unsw or something that we have to do first year again..? (engineering) is this true..? has anyone from uws engineering transfered to unsw eng or syd?
  15. JhK89


    lol hey im doing engineering at uws first year as well o.O
  16. JhK89

    Upgrading Hard Drive capacity??

    isnt there a thing where the mother board can only hold a certain amount of spaced HD (if that makes sense o.O)?